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Mouthpiece #43


Vibha Sharma

January 7 · Issue #43 · View online
Weekly digest of Vibha Sharma

It is that time again when one’s mind invariably goes over the happenings and highlights of another year that has bid us farewell. As one surveys the whole year spent from a little distance which time naturally brings in, the moments get themselves housed into various categories that the mind keeps forming - good, bad, challenging and many others. As I was about to pen this newsletter down, a very strong emotion captured me - that of gratitude and this time it is for those two individuals who chose me to begin their worldly journey. It has been close to fifteen years since I was entrusted with the role of being a mother. I guess, in all these years I have ridden all possible waves of emotions through them and for them. The point here, however, is not this, in fact, what made me feel grateful about is how while being associated with them, somehow I kept finding my paths to move forward. While looking back it seems quite amusing right from the time when they were infants.
If I remember correctly, knitting and yarns caught my fancy at a very tender age when I was a pre-schooler. It helped that my mother was almost always engaged in one or the other knitting project and whenever I saw the knitting needles lying idly, I would pick them up and start knitting. I knew the basics but I enjoyed making the full sets including cap and knitted shoes when I knitted them for little ones in my life. Picking pretty baby colours, choosing some interesting pattern or a cartoon motif and then working one stitch at a time - the whole process was nothing but enjoyable. During those initial 2-3 years I knitted and knitted for them and for their cousins who were also in similar age group.
They entered their pre-schooling phase and we indulged ourselves completely in interactive games - rhymes, ‘guess what’, naming words, counting and similar such. I would draw some commonly seen objects on the magnetic slate to be guessed by them. Though not an artist by any stretch of imagination, I would try to add some new sketches every day for them to guess. That proved to be a wonderful exercise for my drawing and sketching skills which I used later to create activities for them on paper to work on - joining pictures with their names, counting pictures, colouring activities and so on. Somehow colours managed to cast a spell over me and I started drawing and painting different patterns and cartoons on small T-shirts and dresses for them and later on other dress materials.
Reading to them at night became an interesting activity that the three of us enjoyed thoroughly. From funny Karadi tales, gems by Andrew Clements to Conversation between God and Man - the wonderful world of books mesmerised us all together. The love for kidlit continued and I became a part of a wonderful group of mommy bloggers - Saffron Tree - which helped me meet some extremely accomplished people in their own right. Though I do not read to the kids now, but we do enjoy our individual reading time before we finally retire to bed.
While working closely with them through all these years, I felt a few things just left me or vice versa and one of them was software programming. But I guess that was not meant to be. Lately, my interest in programming got rekindled, thanks to one of them again, who is well into his teens now. I am glad it came back to me and we have another common language between us which connects us.
As a parent, have I been able to mentor them all through? Not sure, because it has been a constant learning process for me too. But I know for sure that they are enlightening my path as part of some divine design and I am deeply grateful for that. I guess, just letting oneself driven by the wave helps. 
Books that gave me company over 2016
 1. The Teaching of Yama : A Conversation with Death 
2. Manas ke Moti -1 
3. Manas ke Moti -2
4. My Master by Swami Vivekananda
5. Subcontinental Drift
6. Fear of Dying
7. The Real You - Radhanath Swami
8. Anywhere but Home - Anu Vaidyanathan
9. The Accidental Billionaires
10. Running - the Sacred Art
11. Radio Shangri-La
12. The Dalai Lama - a life inspired
13. Death on Earth
14. Karachi Halwa
15. Ganesh by Subhadra Sen Gupta
16. Take me Home - Rashmi Bansal
17. Running and Living
18. Incarnations : India in 50 Lives
19. The Leadership Sutra
20. The Starbucks Experience
21. Walking the Himalayas
22. The Laws of the Spirit World
23. Sita - Devdutt Pattanaik
24. Indian Summer
25. When Breath becomes Air 
26. Walking
27. Yasodhara
28. A Mind for Numbers
29. Sons of Sita
30. Soul to Soul
31. Brida
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