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Verify Engineering Update - October 22th, 2020

October 22 · Issue #2 · View online
Verify Engineering Update
Hello again!
Thanks for reading this issue of the Verify Engineering Update newsletter. As a reminder, the idea behind this email is to share some recent highlights from the Verify stage. The hope is that, in doing so folks will have a better idea of what’s happening on other teams, and provide new opportunities for learning and collaboration. Please feel free to add any feedback you have to this issue, or send it to me directly either on Slack, or to

Maintainers 🎉
Scott Hampton is now a Frontend Maintainer!
Promotions 🎉
José Vargas has been promoted to Senior Frontend Engineer!
Sam Beckham has been promoted to Frontend Engineering Manager, Verify!
Cloud Native Build Logs
Cloud Native Build Logs on is now rolled out to 60% of projects. See the rollout issue for some great details around the impact of the increased rollout, and a follow up issue to investigate a very small number of invalid build logs.
Updates to the Code Quality MR widget
The team is continuing the rollout of a change to the Code Quality report in the MR widget. This changes aims to solve a number of reports of irrelevant data in the MR widget.
Optional Caching in Failed Builds
Great collaboration between the CI and Runner teams in delivering on this very popular issue (👍 102). cache:when allows you to configure when cache should be persisted for a job (on_success, on_failure, or always). This is a big efficiency improvement for our customers by allowing them to cache external dependencies (such as NPM) even if a pipelines fails.
Community Contributions
Some great collaboration with community contributors recently resulting in the community delivering on some very popular issues (1, 2, 3). In one case unfortunately, the change was reverted due to a regression, but the team and the contributor are actively engaged in resolving the issue, showing more great collaboration!
Runner Autoscaling
Steve created a nice summary of the various approaches and challenges related to autoscaling Runner. He also created a recording of the presentation which provides some additional details and background. If you’ve ever wanted to understand more about how Runner works, this video is a good place to start!
CI Frontend Kickoff
As part of the CI/PA team split, Sarah organized a kickoff call to help the frontend team have a better understanding of the domain from a product and technical perspective.
One of the great parts about working at GitLab is being able to work with people all over the world and learn about their customs and cultures.
In this issue we will learn about the strange Chicago winter tradition of Dibs.
If you’d like to share any interesting customs from where you live, please send them my way and I will include them in future updates.
Thanks again for reading, and don’t forget to add any feedback you have to this issue, or send it to me directly.
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