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Verify Engineering Update - November 20th, 2020

November 20 · Issue #4 · View online
Verify Engineering Update
Hello again!
Thanks for reading this issue of the Verify Engineering Update newsletter, As a reminder, the idea behind this email is to share some recent highlights from the Verify stage. The hope is that, in doing so folks will have a better idea of what’s happening on other teams, and provide new opportunities for learning and collaboration. Please feel free to share any feedback you have in this issue, or send it to me directly either on Slack, or to

Welcome Mireya 🎉
Please join me in welcoming Mireya Andres to the Verify stage! Hailing from the Philippines, Mireya has joined the Continuous Integration group as a Frontend Engineer and we are super excited to have her.
Pipeline Authoring Vision
The Pipeline Authoring group recently updated the vision section on their handbook page complete with a video walkthrough. It’s exciting to see where this part of the product will be heading in the future!
Re-architecture of Historical Usage Data
The Continuous Integration group is starting on a re-architecture project to simplify and streamline the storage and tracking of usage data, which will make the monthly reset of CI minutes more efficient and reliable. Follow along in this epic.
New gitlab-ci.yml capabilities
The Pipeline Authoring group rolled out a couple nice improvements to the CI yaml syntax as part of 13.6. Support variables in rules:changes, and Allow a list of files in CI include:file syntax were both very popular issues with our customers, and it’s great to see these new capabilities unlocked.
Feature Based Demo Projects
The Testing group has starting creating feature specific demo projects as part of their development process. Recent additions include test reports, and inline code coverage visualization. If you have any demo projects in your area that you’d like to include, feel free to add them to the demos subgroup.
Even though we’re already a couple weeks into Q4, I thought it would be helpful to share OKRs for all the groups in Verify. There is also a nice overview in the handbook describing how we think about OKRs at GitLab if you haven’t seen it yet.
Redis HLL in Usage Ping
The Testing group rolled out a new approach to tracking and reporting usage data. This new approach uses the HyperLogLog data structure in Redis to count unique unit tests, and reports those counts via the usage ping.
One of the great parts about working at GitLab is being able to work with people all over the world and learn about their customs and cultures.
In this issue we will learn about the British holiday of Bonfire Night, aka November 5th, aka Guy Fawkes day, and more importantly, Sam’s Mother’s birthday! Bonfire Night is a celebration of a failed assassination attempt of King James in 1605, which is celebrated today with bonfires and fireworks.
If you’d like to share any interesting customs from where you live, please send them my way and I will include them in future updates.
Thanks again for reading, and don’t forget to add any feedback you have to this issue, or send it to me directly either on Slack, or to
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