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Verify Engineering Update - January 22nd, 2021

January 22 · Issue #7 · View online
Verify Engineering Update
Hello again!
Thanks for reading the first issue of the Verify Engineering Update for 2021, and happy 13.8 release day! As always, please share any feedback you have in this issue, or send it to me directly either on Slack, or to

Z DevOps Talks Podcast
Elliot was recently a guest on the IBM Z DevOps Talks podcast where he chatted about running GitLab Runner on IBM Z mainframes. You can listen to to episode here.
Pipeline Authoring in 13.8
The Pipeline Authoring group had a huge release in 13.8 shipping the Pipeline editor, CI lint tool in the pipeline editor page, CI/CD configuration validation in Pipeline Editor, and Visualization of pipeline configuration! Great work everyone!
Repeat failed test counter
The Testing group shipped repeat failed test counter in 13.8 which is a super handy feature that will allow you to see if a test that is failing in your MR has failed on the default branch in the last 14 days. This will lead into the team’s roadmap feature for flaky test detection.
Dogfooding macOS shared runners
The macOS shared runners are now dogfooding themselves! Meaning, the pipeline that builds the code for the macOS shared runners now includes a job that runs on the macOS shared runners. If you think about it for a minute… it’s still a little confusing 😂
Project level configuration for Keep Latest Artifact
The CI group shipped a highly requested feature to allow users to enable Keep Latest Artifact at the project level.
Verify Stage Grafana Dashboard
We now have some snazzy new Grafana dashboard for the Verify stage groups. Thanks to the Scalability team for getting these setup for us! The dashboards can be found at the links below:
Grzegorz has updated the docs with some more details on how to contribute to the dashboards, and added build logs metrics to the CI dashboard.
Rubocop to enforce Namespaced Classes
As part of an effort to improve code organization and attribution, Fabio created a new Rubocop rule to enforce namespaced classes. Thanks to Fabio for supporting this effort!
As many of us in the northern hemisphere are likely looking forward to spring arriving, it got me thinking about the US tradition of Groundhog Day. As it turns out, using animals to predict weather isn’t an uncommon thing. From what I’m reading here, it seems that eastern Europe is more inclined to let bears predict the weather, while western Europe seems to prefer hedgehogs.
Thanks again for reading, and don’t forget to add any feedback you have to this issue, or send it to me directly either on Slack, or to
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