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Verify Engineering Update - February 12th, 2021

February 12 · Issue #8 · View online
Verify Engineering Update
Thanks for reading the Verify Engineering Update! Please share any feedback you have in this issue, or send it to me directly either on Slack, or to

Verify Team Day 🗓
We’ve scheduled our first Verify Team Day for Feb. 22! This day will include a number of sessions including a Product Vision AMA, an Architecture Revue, and a Customer Interview. You probably already have calendar invites for a few events that day, but if not, please let me know and I will get you added.
Create & Verify Frontend Group Session
The Frontend team had a great discussion with the Create stage around “Availability in Lovable Stages” - you can check out the recording on GitLab Unfiltered.
Happy 6th Birthday to Runner 🎂
Monday, January 25th marked the 6th anniversary of the first commit to the Runner project.
A few fun stats from the past 6 years:
  • Tomasz Maczukin has been the most prolific contributor with 6,886,294 lines of code added and a whopping 6,145,549 lines of code deleted (this does count vendored libraries, but still!)
  • There’s been 502 authors to the project so far.
  • Thursday appears to be the most common day to author a commit, and no commit has ever been authored on Sunday between 8am-9am UTC!
Pipeline Graph Rollout
We’ve been rolling out our pipeline graph structural update to select people at GitLab. It’s going well so far and we will be rolling it out to more and more folks in the next few weeks.
Runner + Package Registry Resiliency
A prominent, large, customer has decided to go all-in on the GitLab Package Registry (over Artifactory). Special thanks to Steve Azzopardi and Pedro Pombeiro for their work on making the GitLab Runner more resilient helping make this customers decision easier! See the internal Slack link for more details.
Quick Fix in Testing
Big thanks to Miranda Fluharty for coming in with a fix to breaking change that was reported by a user in the forum.
Frontend Instrumentation
In Pipeline Authoring, we’re starting to instrument the frontend for the Pipeline Graph, which is very exciting and new endeavor 🎉 Big thank you to Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo and Marius Bobin for supporting this effort!
Usage Ping Tracking Metrics
The Testing group has shipped 8 separate new Usage Ping tracking metrics features in the last two milestones. We will be able to use this data soon to better choose which of our features to focus on. Thanks to the whole team for contributing to this initiative!
Collaboration in Incident Handling & Corrective Actions
In the CI group there have been a number of great examples of collaboration as we work to recover from incidents and complete corrective actions:
  1. Thank you to the Runner team to helping us address the immediate concerns related to an incident late Friday Feb 5th. CI also had a corrective action as a takeaway from this incident.
  2. Huge thank you to Allison Browne for jumping on this correct action, and review efforts from Laura Montemayor, Fabio Pitino and continuous collaboration with our AppSec counterpart, Dominic Couture!
  3. Special thanks to Marius Bobin and SRE/Infra teams to help investigate an issue related to the CI minutes reset, Matija Čupić for implementing the fix, and Fabio Pitino supporting with reviews on another last minute high priority issue.
Today (Feb. 12) is the celebration of the Lunar New Year in some countries in Asia. The celebrations vary a bit by region, but one impressive tradition is that of the Lion Dance - this video is super cool to watch!
Thanks again for reading, and don’t forget to add any feedback you have to this issue, or send it to me directly either on Slack, or to
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