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Working out how to no code-part 2

Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi
This is part 2 of learning how to no code. If you haven’t checked out part 1, find it on
Today we are talking about :
  1. Learning No Code part 2
  2. A super cool blog on productivity
  3. And Updates in March
I began learning no code in 2020. And it is quite simple as compared to coding and most of the tools have a low learning curve and are web-based, so no need to install anything. To start, just try and experiment with that tool. Learn about its capabilities, for example:
  1. Bubble is for literally anything web
  2. Webflow for websites (the best)
  3. Notion for templates and project/portfolio websites
  4. And glideapps for mobile applications
  5. And so on…
Now, you will have to figure out what you want to do out of no code, so just make a sample drawing of how it might look on paper or on Figma.
And well, you can now begin developing. Don’t worry if you make mistakes and can’t work it out in the first go. If you don’t know, then just google it. and well, you can always reach out back if you have any questions.
Now. the next is the super cool productivity blog, I read the other day:
This was written by Jessica Li. Check it out here: Time management advice to triple your productivity. It gives brilliant tips on how to maximize efficiency and has done wonders for me. If you would prefer reading the TL;DR version, check it out here
  1. I learned audio editing in one day. And I laid down the entire process here
  2. Launched my podcast:
  3. And ultimately learned video editing (editing and fusion basics)
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Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi @veerdosi

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