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Launching on gumroad and Product Hunt!! Content Marketing and more...

Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi
Wassup. How is it going?
I have been doing so many things and I am so excited to write this edition and share learnings.
PS: I will experiment with emojis this time.
The Index:
  1. The skill of the month
  2. Resource of the month
  3. Project of the month
  4. Creator of the month
  5. Updates from my end
  6. What next?
  7. +Some Bonus gift (don’t scroll down just yet😅)
1. Skill of the month: Making Digital Projects(Pt1)
Making digital projects like ebooks (📑), guides, playbooks (shameless plug:, more on this later), courses and so much more. Love these linkedin posts by Justin:
Wrote this post:
The best way to get started:
Just do it. Don’t wait. Whatever you know, simplify it and present it.
Want inspo: I built 7 products in 7 days on my Most of them are free.
2. Resource(s) of the month(🤫)
3. Project of the month (💻)
Vensy Krishna’s Learning Journal:
4. Creator of the month(👧🏼)
Kevon Chueng: Building in public, creator, community builder, and writer.
5. Updates from my end(!)
  1. Build 6 gumroad products: Check them out: including playbooks for life, a project tracker application, storyboarding template, plus-minus next journaling template, and more.
  2. Learned Zapier and built automation using bannerbear(🐻)
  3. Learned Flask and React(🖥️)
  4. Evently is hosting it’s first ever virtual hackathon style event- Learnathon.A super cool event to dedicate a focused time to learning a new skill or technology while embracing group accountability and being a part of other highly motivated learners.
    The event is for three days from 5th to 8th June 2021 sponsored by 15-20 can participate from anywhere around the world in this global virtual learning in public hackathon.
    1. Learn in Public and build upon serendipity by writing on a platform like
    2. Group Accountability
    3. Access to a community of passionate and curious learners
    Visit our website at
    reach out at if you have any questions or dm me directly
    PS: I am hosting this, do sign up if this interests you. if not share it with someone you know who cares about this.
6. What next?(➡️)
  1. Making projects in react
  2. Building a community
  3. Ideating a course
I am launching a new project for curating twitter threads using Notion only and here is a peek>>
Thanks a lot for reading this edition, appreciate it.
Any questions/comments/suggestions? Just reach out
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Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi @veerdosi

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