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How to write a newsletter, not to do list and more

Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi
Not to do list
  1. 😡Lie or inflate the truth.
  2. 🥺Give up when things get hard.
  3. 😭Not stick to your core values.
  4. ✔Say yes to everything.
  5. 👉🏻Talk behind anyone’s back.
  6. 🤠Try and fit in. Not be your authentic self.
  7. 🦈Not do something because you’re scared.
  8. ⛰Grow complacent
  9. 🙉Care a lot about what people think about you.
  10. 🤯Overthink and live in the past a lot.
  11. 🐢Blame other people for your problems. Not owning up to things.
  12. 🙈Have a fixed mindset. Not be open-minded. Not want to grow.
  13. 🥂Drink alcohol or do drugs or smoke
  14. 🗣Not communicate.
  15. ⭐Not keep your word.
  16. 🍽️Taking too many priorities on your plate
  17. ❗Not prioritizing or working through the Eisenhower matrix.
  18. 👂🏻Interrupt someone and not listen carefully
  19. 🥇Not think from first principles
  20. Add your own…
How To Write A Newsletter: 11 Secrets Of A Successful Newsletter
Cool Project
  1. A private search engine that summarizes the web:
  2. Check and analyse web traffic:
Sharing learnings on mental models
  1. New Podcast Episode Drops
  2. Pushing out new blog posts
What's next
  1. Keep producing the hustle mindset show
  2. Code for something cool (stay tuned…)
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Veer Dosi
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