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Finding your PVP and mentorship

Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi
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This week we are gonna talk about:
  • Knowing what is your personal value proposition and finding your differentiating factor
  • And Mentorship
Finding your unique value as an individual: is as important as building your personal brand. A person with an authentic and unique value can impact others while finding opportunities for themselves. Think of it this way, like a brand has got a proposition that differentiates it from others and gives it an advantage over other brands, so does an individual’s unique value allow him to portray himself with a distinctive mindset and character that is unlike any other. This is very important not only to identify but also to portray through your actions and on your resume.
You must have heard about ikagai which is a Japanese method that allows you to find “the reason of being”. It is the confluence of what you love, what the world needs, what you can be paid for and what you are good at….
Mentorship Is an important activity to undertake for it allows you to learn from other’s experiences. Having mentors, even better, a board of advisors/mentors who can teach you skills that are not taught in school, keep you accountable, and help you build upon your ambitions. A wonderful article on this: It is “meant” to be: 4 steps in mentorship. And mentorship is not as complex or difficult as you think. It simply involves building a relationship with a brilliant person and ask thoughtful questions, essentially.
I have grown so much from having a mentor like Amy Weitzman whom I met through a mentorship program.
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Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi @veerdosi

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