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Building a second brain and The Hustler's Newsletter v2.0

Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi
Welcome to this edition of the Hustler’s Newsletter. You can catch up on our previous issues at anytime
  1. The skill of the month
  2. Resource of the month(article, video, etc.)
  3. Product/Project of the month
  4. Updates
Part 1: Skill of the Month
Learning how to network/or rather make friends: I learned this important concept in Juan’s blog post where he talks of how networking is essentially transactional in nature while making friends is more of a personal and mutual thing. You can check out his super cool blog post on how to make friends at
Now, there are three best places to meet and get started with people and friendships: Linkedin, Twitter, and any community. You can meet so many brilliant individuals. Now there is this really good free 7-day email course on how to make friends by Kevon Cheung, a building in public person, so do follow and keep up with him on his twitter. You can check out the course at making
There is also this really good podcast: The Jordan harbinger Show and this person is so cool. He too has a short course on networking and it is absolutely worthwhile the time investing. Check out his personal website at where you can also find links to his super cool podcast and transcriptions. And find his email course at
Now there are three major steps as the crux:
  1. Have an inviting profile
  2. Figure out common points between you and others
  3. And don’t be afraid. This one is particularly important because it prevents people from networking.
Part 2: Resource of the month is literally the best thing since Snapchat. It is kind of like crypto Twitter where every single person has a coin and you have one too. You have a founder reward percentage which is basically the number of coins you get on every purchase of your coin by someone. It is too cool and at the boom now. For more info, check out their one-pager here and a really cool article on this new social network here(want access?, just reach outback with some feedback on the newsletter, just trying to improve lol). Find me @veerdosi(shameless plug).
Part 3: Product of the month
Notion: if you aren’t already using it, get started. It is a revolution. My life literally lives there. Even my intent list.
Part 4: Updates
  1. I finally stopped procrastinating on coding and got started with it at
  2. Reached out to people for the Hustle Mindset Show
  3. Got access to a super cool community- the 2021 club.
This brings us to the end of this issue. Do reach out back if you have any feedback or comments or questions.
Until Next Time.
Good Luck,
Veer Dosi
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Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi @veerdosi

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