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Amateurs vs Pros, decision making and creating

Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi
Wassup. How is it going?
I have been doing so many things and I am so excited to write this edition and share learnings.
In the issue,
  1. One idea
  2. One resource
  3. One Project
  4. One creator
  5. Updates from my end
  6. What next for me
1. One Idea
Unique Podcasting tips:
Idea Fracking
  • Original question: what’s your favorite novel?
  • Fracking vertically #1: what’s your favorite economics book?
  • Fracking vertically #2: what’s your favorite microeconomics book?
  • Fracking horizontally: what does your favorite novel teach us about microeconomics
Resist the temptation to speak right when your guest comes to a pause because many of their greatest epiphanies sit on the other side of that silence.
Research the hell out of the guest: Think about what life is like in their shoes
Try to write down twice as many topic ideas as you think you need.
Ask what would they change, what they believe in, what is their view on, and more.
⭐Look for the inspiration and the why behind something
get to the atomic unit of advice; to this end, keep digging
One Resource
Amateurs vs Pros
Sahil Bloom on Twitter: "The difference between amateurs and professionals:"
One Project
Free online photo editor
Free Photo editor online image animation and design : Pixlr
One Creator
Codie Sanchez
Updates from my end
  1. Continued Coding
  2. Learning Solidity and web3
What's next
  1. Restarting vid editing
Thanks a lot for reading
Your man,
Veer Dosi
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Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi @veerdosi

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