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Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi
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Hey, welcome back to this exhilarating journey. the past two weeks have been mind-blowing lol. So much happened in so little time that it was a bit overwhelming at some time.
The Index of this edition’s content:
Welcome to v2 of the Hustler’s Newsletter
  1. Index:
    1. The skill of the month
    2. Resource of the month(article, video, etc.)
    3. Best Linkedin Post
    4. Best Product/Project
    5. Updates
    6. Bonus: One Brilliant person
  1. The skill of the month: Coding
Coding is a superpower. If you can learn how to code and then build an audience around it, you would literally be unstoppable. (Inspired from @naval’s quote: Learn to Build. Learn to sell. If you can do both, you’d be unstoppable. And the best way to learn: through practice. Follow through a tutorial but don’t copy-paste unless you have understood the entire concept. Also, add comments for future references. The best resource to learn from is that there are literally so many free and paid coding resources, more than any other topic. I would say to start with freecodecamp.org which I also did in the past 1.5 weeks. I did 5 sections ut of the ten with each section taking me less than 10hrs..
  1. Resource of the month: BrainPint.com where the creator- Janel(brilliant person) shares curated cool stuff like interesting reads, tools & learning resources sent out weekly to make you smarter.
  2. Best Linkedin post: I started this new section to kinda curate the best Linkedin post I have seen in some time. The Linkedin post is by Justin Welsh who is coincidently the brilliant person of this edition too. Check out his post here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/justinwelsh_everyone-should-own-a-digital-asset-that-activity-6785534868261482496-1TFG/
  3. Best Product/Project: oneskillaweek.com started by Sigil Wen, a 17 yr old and the coolest teenager I have met. I recently met with him and he is just great. He outlines frameworks on improving which are pretty cool.
  4. Updates:
    1. Started reading the Almanack. It is literally the most wonderful book and I am already re-reading it again.
    2. Complete freecodecamp 1500 hour curriculum
    3. Built so many cool projects like a summarized and link extractor(stay tuned for updates)
    4. Met many people from the2021.club
  5. Bonus= Brilliant person:justinwelsh.me
Thanks a lot for reading. Till the next edition, stay safe, happy and healthy and continue improving yourself
-Veer FDosi
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Veer Dosi
Veer Dosi @veerdosi

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