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Launching on gumroad and Product Hunt!! Content Marketing and more...



A cool newsletter and why I write on Medium?

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Building a second brain and The Hustler's Newsletter v2.0

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Working out how to no code-part 2

This is part 2 of learning how to no code. If you haven’t checked out part 1, find it on


Finding the right tribe to be around and a cool life assessment

Today,. we are talking about:


A playbook on Building projects, And learning no code(part i)

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Finding your PVP and mentorship

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Legit Cold Emails, A letter to my FutureMe (+something cool)

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The Hustler's newsletter and why I started it

It all started with me wanting to get an impactful side hustle and scaling it to a million subscribers. Sounds like too audacious a goal, right?


A newsletter on activities I am doing, learnings resources, thoughts, tools, and more for personal development and career

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