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[Vectr Weekly #25] Non-Googleable Questions

January 27 · Issue #25 · View online
Vectr Weekly

A question: are you trying to compete with Google?
While the question seems preposterous, we’ve actually gotten it a few times. And it makes sense in a way. We are suggesting that, when you have a question, you ask it on Vectr instead of typing into the Google search bar. But I think what this question might be missing is the fact that questions come in many shapes and sizes.
Google will be the de facto standard for fact-based questions for the foreseeable future. If you want to know the population of a country or the equation for figuring out the circumference of a circle, you’ll get your answer instantly from a Google search.
But we believe that there are an entirely different set of questions for which the answers don’t readily exist on a web page and are highly context specific.
One great example comes from a recent exchange we had with someone close to us that is preparing for the MCAT. We’ll call the person studying person A.
In having a conversation about when to take the test, person A posed the following question,
“Is it better to give yourself two extra months to study and then take the MCAT, or take the MCAT sooner and give yourself two extra months to fix your weaknesses?”
This, to us, is a great Vectr question in that there is no fact-based answer, it is not easily searchable, and likely would receive different responses depending on who you ask.
There are tons of questions that would fall into this category. In an educational setting, those might be questions about where to attend university or what subject to major in. In industry, questions about product strategy for a particular company with a unique set of circumstances also fall into this category.
And in a world that seems to be trending towards automation and algorithmic decision making, it seems prudent to appreciate the occasions where a new and human response to a question might be the appropriate one.

Stay curious!
-Jeremy & Jake
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