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[Vectr Weekly #18] What vs who...

What you know vs who you know
November 18 · Issue #18 · View online
Vectr Weekly
What you know vs who you know

First, a question: how did you get your current job?
I saw a stat once that said 60% of people respond by saying that they received an introduction or referral by someone in their network. I can’t remember where I saw it, so I can’t say whether the number is accurate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.
In life we have strong ties and weak ties. Strong ties are our closest relationships. They are close friends, spouses, family members, and the like. Weak ties are your extended network of acquaintances. They are that guy who worked at your last company, but in a different department. Your best friend’s college roommate. Your partner from that junior year group project in economics class. 
Your network of weak ties is, by definition, larger and more diverse than that of strong ties. So, you might say weak ties are actually the more important group when seeking out new and exciting opportunities.
Really what we’re talking about is human capital vs social capital. If human capital is what you know and what skills you posses, social capital is who you know and how you might leverage those relationships to add value to your own life.
Unfortunately, access to opportunity and access to information are not evenly distributed. Some people are born into incredibly lucky positions in life, while many others are not. And for the second group, the ability to tap into your weak ties is incredibly important. That’s because access to opportunity sits at the intersection of what you know and who you know.
In building Vectr, the hope is that we can vastly extend weak tie networks for anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection.

Stay curious!
-Jeremy & Jake
Ps we’re taking off next week for the holiday and we’d like to wish each and every one of you a happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
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