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The Why - Vectr Weekly #1

As someone we appreciate, admire, and respect, Jake and I wanted to share an important update with yo
July 15 · Issue #1 · View online
Vectr Weekly
As someone we appreciate, admire, and respect, Jake and I wanted to share an important update with you…

Why you’re receiving this newsletter
Jeremy Hurst and Jake Ichikawa here, co-founders of Vectr. We’ve added you to this newsletter (we hope you don’t mind 😇) because you’ve had a positive impact, in one way or another, on our process of learning and personal development. You are our teachers, mentors, advisors, friends, loved ones, and attentive listeners. And we are forever grateful your feedback, advice, direction, and support. Vectr is our attempt to pay that forward.
What is Vectr? Or more importantly, why is Vectr?
There are 2 key ideas behind Vectr.
The first is that genuine curiosity and asking questions is vital to every area in our lives, particularly in today’s world of increasing polarization and rapid change. We start out as children that are naturally curious about the world. But as we matriculate through the school system, to college, and ultimately into the workforce, conventional wisdom suggests that you’re supposed to know more and ask less. However, it is our belief that maintaining our inborn inquisitive nature is one of, if not THE, most important factors to building a world that we all want to live in.
Second, we all exist as a part of many networks. Schools, companies, local communities, clubs, sports teams, families, and many more. And our ability to tap into those networks is vital to making progress, both as individuals and collectively. I believe it was Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and PayPal, that said “your network is your net worth.” And I don’t think he was talking about money. Instead, I think he was saying that those that can best tap into their networks have the best chance of making an impact and achieving their goals, whatever those goals might be.
So these two things together are what Vectr is all about. We want to inspire and empower people to ask questions. And we want those questions to receive a new and human response from those that are best suited to answer.
What’s our plan?
To start out, we’re focusing on education. It’s the perfect environment to foster curiosity when minds are most receptive and malleable. In the wonderful book A More Beautiful Question, author Warren Berger charts the tendency of children to ask questions at school over time:
That feels like a massive problem, and also a massive opportunity. So in light of these challenges, we’ve built Vectr so that:
  1. Asking a question is accessible and attractive to students. It isn’t about grades, class schedules, or distributing syllabi. There’s one simple goal: facilitating the question & answer exchange.
  2. Students feel safe. There are no usernames. Anyone can ask and answer questions without exposing their identity or their knowledge gaps.
  3. The experience is unique to anyone using the platform. You only receive questions from your networks and answers to your questions.
So what now?
We’re focused on one thing: launching pilots in schools. If you’re a teacher and want to test Vectr in your classroom, we’d love to chat! If you know any teachers or school administrators that you think might be interested, feel free to forward this email or make an introduction. If you use or hear about other interesting tools in this area, we’d love to know what they’re doing well or where they’re falling short.
Finally, a question:
Given our focus, it only feels right to end with a question. If asking questions is so important, why is there a serious dearth of classes or programs teaching this skill in schools, companies, and other types of organizations?
That’s all for now!
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Jeremy & Jake
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