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Week in Review - Where Do We Go From Here?

Week in Review - Where Do We Go From Here?
By Victor Davis Hanson • Issue #30 • View online
Hi All, there is a great interview by Peter Robinson in “Other Interviews and Podcasts.” Otherwise, everything is organized as before. I enjoyed interviewing Victor on George Clemenceau in “The Culturalist: Victory and Complexity.” His great-grandchild left a comment that Victor’s show was “informative and entertaining” with the exception of “few very minor factual errors.” That was a fine compliment coming from an interested party. Enjoy. Sami Winc

The Traditionalist: Of Political Things in November
The Classicist: Revolutionary Methods
The Culturalist: A New Age Is Born?
The Culturalist: Without Self-Reflection
The Traditionalist: Of Things Citizens Grow Tired
The Classicist: The Collective Accused
The Culturalist: Election Special
The Culturalist: Victory and Complexity
VDH Ultra Content
Remembering the Attack of the Rabbit-Leprechauns
Lest We Forget 2020 and the Agenda Behind It
Suffocating Citizenship in Summer 2020
How We Got Here: Remembering the Beginning of Our Plague and the Panic
American Greatness
Trickle-Down Bidenism
History Will Grind Out the Truth
Trump Nearing the Crossroads
Other Interviews and Podcasts
Victor Davis Hanson Diagnoses the Dying Citizen on Uncommon Knowledge
First Things: Victor Davis Hanson on a Dying America
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Victor Davis Hanson

Senior Fellow @HooverInst. Classics and military history. Latest book: The Case for Trump: Visit VDH's "Private Papers" at Opinions are my own. This review is edited by Sami Winc for VDH.

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