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Week in Review - What Is To Be Done?

Week in Review - What Is To Be Done?
By Victor Davis Hanson • Issue #24 • View online
It has become grim in the last few weeks in the news as you will hear and read–and probably already know. Please excuse the hiatus in the newsletter distribution. We had and have much going on with the website. But things are smoothing out. This newsletter won’t allow me to make a proper link to the VDH Ultra articles. So, I am leaving them off until we come up with a fix. I hope you enjoy the rest. Sami Winc

The Classicist: Let Us Have Done With You
The Traditionalist: The Therapeutic Screw-Up
The Classicist: Gruesome Newsom and Drossy Joe
The Culturalist: The Praetorian Question
Our Afghan Nightmare: Tanks for Nothing - VDH's Blade of Perseus
Is Our Military Woke, Broke or Both? - VDH's Blade of Perseus
The Drossy Touch of Joe Biden - VDH's Blade of Perseus
Does America Still Work
Other Interviews
The Vince Coglianese Show - Dr Victor Davis Hanson - 08.19.21 - VDH's Blade of Perseus
President Biden’s a Colossal Failure - VDH Interview with Dana Loesch
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Victor Davis Hanson

Senior Fellow @HooverInst. Classics and military history. Latest book: The Case for Trump: Visit VDH's "Private Papers" at Opinions are my own. This review is edited by Sami Winc for VDH.

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