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Week in Review - A Tree Planted by Water

Week in Review - A Tree Planted by Water
By Victor Davis Hanson • Issue #29 • View online
Hello Readers, with so much material out about VDH’s The Dying Citizen, this is not an exhaustive list. It is enough for whiling away Sunday afternoon. I put the “VDH Ultra” material after his podcasts and before American Greatness, video and podcast interviews, articles by VDH and others about the new book. In short, there is lots of free material. Don’t be deterred by the Ultra if you don’t have a subscription. I hope all enjoy. Sami Winc

The Traditionalist: Push Back
The Classicist: Squeezing the Lemon
The Culturalist: China Rising
The Culturalist: Victory and Complexity
VDH Ultra (subscription required)
Tribalism Meets the Plague and Beyond - VDH's Blade of Perseus
Remembering Globalism and the Virus - VDH's Blade of Perseus
Remembering the Early Virus and the Wages of Tribalism - VDH's Blade of Perseus
Assaults on the Idea of America and Ignorance of the Fragility of the United States - VDH's Blade of Perseus
The Ironies of the Rioting Youth of 2020 - VDH's Blade of Perseus
American Greatness
Ground Zero of Woke - VDH's Blade of Perseus
The Ignoble Lie - VDH's Blade of Perseus
Our Purgatory Is Their Nirvana - VDH's Blade of Perseus
Videos and Podcasts
Victor Davis Hanson on the Megyn Kelly Show
Point of View: With Guest Victor Davis Hanson
VDH on the Brian Anderson Show
VDH on the Trevor Carey Show - VDH's Blade of Perseus
Victor Davis Hanson on the Ben Domenech Show - VDH's Blade of Perseus
The Deep State and the Great Reset
The Dying Citizen: Columns and Reviews
Victor Davis Hanson: One Man’s Anarchy Is Another’s Road to Justice
Americans Fight for Their Ancient Rights As Left Tries to Kill Citizenship
In Defense of Citizenship
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Victor Davis Hanson

Senior Fellow @HooverInst. Classics and military history. Latest book: The Case for Trump: Visit VDH's "Private Papers" at Opinions are my own. This review is edited by Sami Winc for VDH.

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