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By Victor Davis Hanson

Week in Review - A Time for Everything





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Week in Review - A Time for Everything
By Victor Davis Hanson • Issue #17 • View online
To be honest, the title was difficult this week since topics ranged far and wide. VDH wrote and explained much on the politics of the Left that have left many dead, jobless, befuddled by diplomacy and yet with a feeling that revolutionary times are at hand. Where does it all go? We know not, but VDH provides some sober analysis of the happenings. – Sami Winc

The Classicist: The Value of Studying the Classics
The Traditionalist: To Plague or To Be Plagued
This Isn’t Your Father’s Left-Wing Revolution – Victor Davis Hanson's Private Papers
Eeyore’s Cabinet: Living in Our Kingdom of Lies
Eeyore’s Cabinet: When Is Some Hatred, Some Racism OK?
Eeyore’s Cabinet: When Is Some Hatred, Some Racism OK?
Optimism, Inc: Dante’s California Inferno—Nine months later.
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Victor Davis Hanson

Senior Fellow @HooverInst. Classics and military history. Latest book: The Case for Trump: https://t.co/smqAsoDUsn. Visit VDH's "Private Papers" at www.victorhanson.com. Opinions are my own. This review is edited by Sami Winc for VDH.

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