Week in Review

By Victor Davis Hanson

Senior Fellow @HooverInst. Classics and military history. Latest book: The Case for Trump: https://t.co/smqAsoDUsn. Visit VDH's "Private Papers" at www.victorhanson.com. Opinions are my own. This review is edited by Sami Winc for VDH.

Senior Fellow @HooverInst. Classics and military history. Latest book: The Case for Trump: https://t.co/smqAsoDUsn. Visit VDH's "Private Papers" at www.victorhanson.com. Opinions are my own. This review is edited by Sami Winc for VDH.

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Week in Review - Fascism, Chaos and the New Confederacy

To All Who Read and Listen,I have linked two weeks of most articles. Victor wrote two series for "VDH Ultra" content which are must reads, and we have two weeks of American Greatness included below. We hope you enjoy the podcasts as always -- the most recen…


Week in Review - Where Do We Go From Here?

Hi All, there is a great interview by Peter Robinson in "Other Interviews and Podcasts." Otherwise, everything is organized as before. I enjoyed interviewing Victor on George Clemenceau in "The Culturalist: Victory and Complexity." His great-grandchild left …


Week in Review - A Tree Planted by Water

Hello Readers, with so much material out about VDH's The Dying Citizen, this is not an exhaustive list. It is enough for whiling away Sunday afternoon. I put the "VDH Ultra" material after his podcasts and before American Greatness, video and podcast intervie…


Week in Review - "The Dying Citizen" Is Out

Hi All, the Angry Reader below was particularly humorous, especially the comments. It is "VDH Ultra" content and so requires a subscription. The newsletter, otherwise, is organized as usual. VDH did a book tour last week. There were more appearances than I c…


Week in Review - Citizenship, Orwell and Our Times

The Dying Citizen, VDH's new book, is out on October 5 this week. Enjoy the examination of citizenship and the threat of tribalism, bureaucracy, and globalization. The week's work is still below. Sami Winc


Week in Review - Reflections and Regressions

This week there is a great exchange between Victor Davis Hanson and General H. R. McMaster. Find it at the bottom in the "Serendipity" section. Otherwise, the content order is the following: podcasts, American Greatness, VDH Ultra Content, with Serendipity …


Week in Review - Commentary, Classics, and History

The two articles and one podcast below are a special on Classics as essential to education because it teaches inductive reasoning and humanism. These things are gradually being lost from modern education as it becomes specialized, theoretical and reductionist…


Week in Review - What Is To Be Done?

It has become grim in the last few weeks in the news as you will hear and read--and probably already know. Please excuse the hiatus in the newsletter distribution. We had and have much going on with the website. But things are smoothing out. This newslette…


Week in Review - Connected to Reality


Week in Review - Non Compos Mentis and Other Things


Week in Review - Issue #21


Week in Review - Happy Fourth of July

You've probably all already seen this, but it's perfect. Happy Fourth of July! We love our country -- Sami WincClick to hear the Star-Spangled Banner


Week in Review - Words And Reality in our Kingdom of Lies

Enjoy. -- SamI Winc


Week in Review - A Strange Fellowship

Civilization loves regress. This week VDH wrote and talked extensively on the problems of our woke administration and culture. You might notice VDH also speaks and writes on Classical culture below. His escape from and answer to the our modern wokedom? A r…


Week in Review - A Time for Everything

To be honest, the title was difficult this week since topics ranged far and wide. VDH wrote and explained much on the politics of the Left that have left many dead, jobless, befuddled by diplomacy and yet with a feeling that revolutionary times are at hand. …


Week in Review - Memories and Policies: Choose the Past

Getting things off the ground for The Victor Davis Hanson Show had a couple of expected bumps, which delayed the episodes for "The Traditionalist" and "The Classicist" to late week this time. John Solomon's crew are working diligently to get them on schedule…


Week in Review - Israel, Vaccines, and Culture, Past and Present

Victor Davis Hanson's Podcast is moving to a new permanent home. It will be "The Victor Davis Hanson Show." We are working with John Solomon's Just the News and hope to have it, for your convenience, on the many platforms like Apple Podcasts Connect and Spo…


Week in Review - Israel and Returning to Obama Doctrine, and More

The "More" is a new "Historian's Corner" on the firebombing of Japan March 9-10, 1945. However, thoughts on the current conflict in Israel are first and most pressing. –Sami Winc


Week in Review - The World Upside Right

Victor Davis Hanson has a new podcast, "The Traditionalist." I put both of the new episodes first and then organized written articles followed by audio/video appearances. My apologies for missing last week. We are currently in a transition of VDH's podcasts.…


Week in Review - Angles Old and New on Woke-ish Destruction