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VanWyck - Issue #5

# 4  KEEP GOING written over a surprisingly large amount of time in various places
VanWyck - Issue #5
By VanWyck • Issue #5 • View online
written over a surprisingly large amount of time in various places

     “Oh, she is a murky muse,” the poet said to the mermaid, “She comes when she wants and when she pleases and never when I need her, or when I’m ready, waiting pen in hand.” “Is that so?” the mermaid asked, softly swirling her tail through the darkening sea, “Have you ever asked her kindly?” “Of course,” the poet shouted, “I have so many times, I have begged and shouted in the dead of night, I went down on my knees and prayed, I stood on hilltops and screamed into abysses that echoed nothing but my own incompetence. “Well,” the mermaid said, “maybe next time you should search waters closer to home.”
     There were many moments in the last ten years, when I thought I should quit making music. I should get a real job and stick with that. Something to help people, or the planet, or something with a worthy paycheck. And then there were always moments pushing me on. Often those moments were other songs. Songs that stopped me in my tracks, that lit up a room and spoke to me so loud that I just had to answer. This song is about those songs and about the virtues of obstinacy.
KEEP GOING was recorded in Studio the Tracking Room Amsterdam. On vocals: me and Marjolein van der Klauw, guitar; me and Sander Donkers, drums: Sin Banoviç, Bass: Sjaak Thissen, piano and mix: David Kops.
Love, Christine
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By VanWyck

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