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VanWyck - Issue #3

#2     WALK ON WATER written in an empty house recorded at Tracking Room Studio Amsterdam
VanWyck - Issue #3
By VanWyck • Issue #3 • View online
written in an empty house
recorded at Tracking Room Studio Amsterdam

    Empty houses have a strange acoustic quality. They resonate with memories, with stories that have parted, but somehow linger. This summer I spent many evenings in one particular house. It had belonged to someone I loved and admired. Now it stood empty, waiting to be sold, waiting for new people to fill it with their stories. As I wandered trough it’s empty rooms I tried to recall every memory that belonged to it’s space. Frantically searching out all the details and oddities, like I was afraid I would lose my memories of the person together with the house. One night I brought my guitar and a bottle of wine and started singing. The guitar was new and louder than my normal one, the empty rooms made my voice harsher and more plaintive. Like I was begging the walls to share something with me. They kept silent and only threw my voice back to me, with the first lines of this song

      Recording Walk on Water was also a bit exceptional. I started singing the first phrase of the song during a rehearsal when pianist and producer David Kops, almost immediately recognized some potential and asked me to stop and keep the song for myself until we were all in the studio and we would be able to record it as we first felt it. And we did. After recording songs for two days we had finished all our planned material so in the last hour of studio time I started playing the song. Everyone fell in, we didn’t discuss much. Drummer Sin Banoviç got us into a good structure almost immediately and everyone just knew what to do instinctively. That night David worked until the morning and came up with this beautiful mix and I had one of the happiest moments in my life. Lots of things go wrong but this one we got right.

        I am very glad Sabijn Peeters was still around to get those moments on video. Walk on water was recorded with Marjolein van der Klauw, backing vocals, Sin Banoviç, drums, Sjaak Thissen, bass, Sander Donkers, guitar and David Kops, piano and mix. Lyrics can be found at my website:
Love, Christine / VanWyck
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By VanWyck

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