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VanWyck - Issue #26

VanWyck - Issue #26
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On new songs, sharing and letting go of having no strategy

New Website
For a year now I’ve been sharing songs with you, as they came to me. Raw, unpolished and - mostly - unproduced. Recorded them in a hallway, a bedroom or on a phone.  I wondered what would happen if instead of having a strategy I would just let myself fall forward and let the songs be boss for a while. To not start - as all wise people were telling me - with a plan or a direction, but to let the songs guide me.
The songs went places, they were listened to in America, England, Israel and Palestine - and even in war torn Aleppo. They meant different things to different people, and I enjoyed keeping my options open - but realized that there would come a time when I needed to tie them down and regain some control. That time is coming and it shapes are slowly materializing. First step: a new website, it has all songs from the one song a week project in almost one glance.  I would really like to thank Jitske Schols for her  photography and Floor Koomen for her logo and design. I hope you enjoy it too. And if you have the time to tell me what song out of those 22 is your favorite, I’d love to hear from you.
In your livingroom
Secondly, between November and April we’ll be doing a series of house concerts in The Netherlands and Belgium. If you’d like to attend, drop us a line and if you’d like to host one of those and have a space that can hold a minimum of 20 people, mail us at
Love, Christine
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By VanWyck

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