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VanWyck - Issue #23

VanWyck - Issue #23
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# 20. Bring it on right

Song # 20 it is! And finally, dear friends and listeners, it’s not almost a happy song - but a full blown one. The beginning of it has been with me since I started this project and I always thought it would be a great last song, if I could ever get there, or figure out where it had to go. This week it sort of dropped on my plate, so maybe it’s time to finish something and start something new.
I love to imagine this song with slow rolling drums, a heavy wading bass, an organ soaring skywards and a full church quire pleading with higher powers, but for now it’s just me in the hallway. Recording on a phone. I hope you wont mind and can imagine them with me.
Potatoes, gum and bait
There’s a wonderful interview that Elizabeth Gilbert did with Tom Waits in which he says the following about songwriting: “Some songs,” he has learned, “don’t want to be recorded.” You can’t wrestle with them or you’ll only scare them off more. Trying to capture them sometimes “is trying to trap birds.” Fortunately, he says, other songs come easy, like “digging potatoes out of the ground.” Others are sticky and weird, like “gum found under an old table.” Clumsy and uncooperative songs may only be useful “to cut up as bait and use ‘em to catch other songs.” Of course, the best songs of all are those that enter you “like dreams taken through a straw.” To those I would like to add the ones that fall from the sky and land on your plate with a big bang and stare at you with a wide-eyed smile.
Thanks for staying with me, through all my scratchy home recordings, phone versions and demo’s. I would love to hear from you now, which song or video out of these twenty meant something to you and maybe why. You can find them all on this YouTube page. You can mail me at, post it on Facebook or comment on You Tube. Thanks again, looking forward to hearing from you.
Love, Christine
 - YouTube
PS Bring it on right was recorded on a phone, lyrics are here
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