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VanWyck - Issue #22
By VanWyck • Issue #22 • View online
# 19. Portrait of a man walking his dog.

Two things: First a new song, second apologies about the last one. About the new one: I’m not in the habit of writing songs about random people I see on the street. But this one kept passing me on an almost daily basis. At first I didn’t really notice him, but slowly his story started growing in my head. The first two sentences of the song popped into my mind and stayed there for a few months. And though I tried to deny them, or push them away, they kept coming back. I reckon that if something sticks it’s my job to work it out. So here it is, a song about a man walking his dog. (lyrics can be found here.)
Than the apologies. I was already on my way to the airport when I heard I had messed up my last song. Only 16 seconds of my latest video had uploaded to youtube, and I had just send you a confusing three way link to the same 16 seconds. As often in life I had been torn. Torn between the desire to finish something on time and the desire to perfect it. Or maybe my dark side was subconsciously thwarting me sharing a song which is almost uplifting. Or maybe my artistic subconscious was proving a point that I was indeed leaving the town. Sorry for confusing you, it was not an artistic experiment, but I did leave town for another hemisphere for 3 weeks - without passwords to accounts etc. etc. So if you were wondering what comes after those 16 seconds of murky rivers flowing, here it is in full.
Love, Christine
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By VanWyck

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