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VanWyck - Issue #18

VanWyck - Issue #18
By VanWyck • Issue #18 • View online
# 15. no woman no man
written in a few minutes

I don't do lovesongs
Or maybe they don’t do me. They don’t come to me usually. But this one did, late one night. Presented itself in an almost finished way, like one of these smooth oval pebbles you find on a beach, which are just there and you look at them and wonder where they came from.
So at first I thought I didn’t write it, that it was probably someone else’ s song and I tried it out on some people without saying anything about it. But they didn’t seem to know it either, so maybe it was my song. Maybe I did write it, although it feels more like I only recorded it.
Another option of course it that I just don’t want to own up to the fact that I’ve written a lovesong. I’ve been trying to convince myself it’s not really a lovesong, but so far I have not succeeded.
So here it is, a reluctant lovesong - which is not really mine.
Love, Christine
No woman no man was recorded and mixed by Maarten Tap at the Tracking Room Studio in Amsterdam with Vincent Francois on guitar. Lyrics are here
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