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VanWyck - Issue #12

VanWyck - Issue #12
By VanWyck • Issue #12 • View online
# 11 light your fires (phone version)
written whilst enjoying new guitar

Should you or shouldn't you tell?
What a song is about? Or why you wrote it? Or how? Or what inspired it? A lot of musicians think you should never tell. Leave the mystery, let it become universal instead of particular, let it have other meanings to other people. Some even think it ruins the song. And sometimes songs can’t be explained. I could say this song is about rivers, guns, daughters and fire. Though of course that’s not the whole story, but those images kept returning to me when writing it. Almost like a subconscious song mood board. It looks a bit like this.
Does this help?
Love, Christine
Recorded this with the phone in my living room
Lyrics are here
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By VanWyck

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