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Revue issue #1

From September 15 onward I will write and share one song a week. Before summer comes again I hope to
Revue issue #1
By VanWyck • Issue #1 • View online
From September 15 onward I will write and share one song a week. Before summer comes again I hope to bring the best of those songs together on the album of my dreams. Please feel free to join me on this journey and let me know how I’m getting on.

In search of song
I’ve been writing songs since I was fifteen. First behind the piano in my parents house, then with a guitar and an old Atari computer. I joined bands, quit bands, joined new bands, performed in different continents and on stages as different as the Paris metro, a New York hiphop club, a Canadian folk gathering, open air rock festivals, jazz festivals, television and radio-shows and small cafes. (I didn’t like to be tied down.) Through all different genres and stages I kept writing, slowly coming closer to the songs that I truly needed to write, circling them as it were, trying to find the words I felt I really had to say. I realized that if I wanted to get there I needed to reach further and focus on songwriting, on the bare essence of it. To finish the multitude of ideas that keep swimming in my thoughts, to reach into their core, make them definite, give them a form, and find them a home, cutting through all available options, and aiming for what is truly fundamental. To tie myself down, so to speak. And that is what I plan to do this coming year.
I am going to release one song a week. Sometimes it will be a big recording with a full band in a studio, sometimes a rough demo from home, from a live show or a kitchen rehearsal, sometimes with a video, sometimes just lyrics. If you’d like to follow this journey, you can subscribe to this weekly newsletter at
LOVE, Christine / VanWyck
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