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Valhalla Weekly Newsletter #002 - Research Wrap-Up

Valhalla Weekly - Security, Software, and All Things Research
Valhalla Weekly - Security, Software, and All Things Research
A couple thousand words in the books, a quick blog on asynchronous Python programming and a lot of crazy going on in the world.

The Second Issue...
… and on schedule, too!
If you’re new to the newsletter, welcome. This is my weekly space for rants and raves and research and reviews, so stick around for the insanity… It will always be a ride!
Tweets of the Week
Just a collection of Tweets that I found particularly impactful for one reason or another.
Miami Against Fascism 🌴☕️
LONG AWAITED - Today we reveal the depth of far-right extremism inside the Miami-Dade GOP — including 7 Proud Boys, multiple J6 participants + numerous associates serving on their executive committee.

Grab your cafecito, this will be a big one. 🔥☕️

An awesome thread on far-right infiltration in the Miami-Dade GOP. Miami Against Fascism knows how to write a story.
Justin Welsh
Most Solopreneurs misunderstand content.

It's not about daily virality attempts.

It's about having thousands of your thoughts in the ecosystem at any moment in time.

1000+ pieces working hard on your behalf.

So, publish frequently.

Because you never know what will resonate.
Justin has never written a bad tweet, I don’t think. This one is good because it reframes content creation around contributing to the idea-ecosystem.
Jason Leow ~ 🚀🌕
What have I achieved so far?

Still low MRR
Still no $5K/m revenue
Still no breakthrough products

Wrote a long from reflection for May here 👇
Jason wrote a great, honest post about the realities of goal setting as an entrepreneur on his daily writing website LifeLog. If you’re in the entrepreneurial world, or trying to get into it, it’s really easy to look at it like it’s all sunshine and rainbows and high MRR and digital nomad'ing it up in exotic locations. Sometimes, it’s rough months.
Research Wrap-Up
This week has been heavily focused on writing my book on web scrapers. I have just about doubled the word count this week, all the way up to almost 8,000 words! The price is still at $7.99, but with a full section on design philosophy and ethics finished, we’re about to dive into the practical bits of the book… and that will come with another jump in price!
The support thus far on the book has been fantastic and much appreciated. Share it far and wide and let’s spread The Good Word of web scraper and spider development!
I published a couple of blogs since the last newsletter.
This was a bit of a rant on how much of the software industry is built on building widgets and useless gadgets for the sake of hoarding cash and heaping more and more SaaS subscriptions on us. I hope to someday break out of that cycle, but here I am, spinning on the wheel…
I’ve learned one thing from being bad at powerlifting and being worse at writing: the only way you can improve is by putting in the reps!
Asynchronous code is rad. You don’t even have to learn JavaScript to do it anymore! Check out this blog to learn about how you can write asynchronous code (and write it incorrectly) with Python!
I’m currently working on something pretty cool right now. I’m researching how to create a pipeline from writing malware in Python, compiling it into an executable and embedding that executable in a C/C++ executable malware. I’m fairly certain this is going to be a pretty straight forward process, honestly, I’m just working out the bugs with my Python C2 server.
In the news...
The last week has seen horrors I never hoped to see hit the news, but I just knew it would. From fascists planning a hostile takeover of our democratic elections to yet another shooting, this time at a hospital, it truly does seem like we’re circling quite a dangerous drain as a country (and a planet, really) so it’s been a bit more difficult to focus lately with all the goings on.
In an effort to do some good in the world, I’m spinning up (re-spinning, really) my work on countering fascism online and in meatspace. I’ll have more coming out about that later on, but the best place to get updates about it is in this very newsletter!
Until next week!
That’s it for this week! I’m experimenting with the content and format every week, so if there’s something you like or something you want changed, you can always let me know on Twitter.
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Valhalla Weekly - Security, Software, and All Things Research
Valhalla Weekly - Security, Software, and All Things Research @valhalla_dev

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