Valhalla Weekly - Security, Software, and All Things Research

The intersection of security, software and politics. All things research, some things software.

The intersection of security, software and politics. All things research, some things software.

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"Growth Hacking"

I'm still playing catch-up with my writing, but I did manage to release a blog on why I'm learning Typescript (and you should too) that you're free to check out. As always, if you want this stuff straight to your inbox every week, subscribing to this newslett…


Liberatory Technology

Last week was nuts, and after like 11 issues I finally missed a week on the newsletter. Worst part is, it was done, but I wanted to have one last editing pass and ended up getting swamped by the chaos of last week.


Bricks to Break and Bricks to Build

I frequently waffle on whether or not to call myself an anarchist.


HackingFIRE Monthly Wrap-up #1

It's wrap-up time! Here is the metrics for my first month of the HackingFIRE initiative. Learn from the lessons I'm learning the hard way and get some value out of the things I did right this month!


Discovering DAO's

This week was a good one! I published a video on Medium income and why I think every blogger should be publishing on Medium as well as a video on the basics of the FIRE Movement on my new second channel. On my main channel, I put out a quick explainer on Jupy…


You're Not Doing Research

The Personal Finance NotebookThe Personal Finance Notebook is a Jupyter Notebook for automated budgeting, saving and investment planning that I launched on Gumroad and ProductHunt this week. The Notebook allows you to track your spending over time, create and…


Convenient Misinformation

I released last week's issue a day late, so this week's will go out a day early! In this issue, I have a great example of what I call "Convenient Misinformation" before we go into the Research Wrap-Up and my first HackingFIRE review! Let's get into it.


Valhalla Weekly Newsletter #003 - HackingFIRE Launch, The Jan 6 Hearings, Research Wrap-up

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I'm a day late. I'm just surprised I got the first two issues out on time! This week, there's a reason for the lateness, but we will get into that in a second. This week's issue is all about my new initiative HackingFIRE, the Jan 6 Hea…


Valhalla Weekly Newsletter #002 - Research Wrap-Up

... and on schedule, too!


Valhalla Weekly #001 - Web Scraper Book Community Edition and the Weekly Research Roundup

So, it has begun. My weekly newsletter gets its first issue. If you're reading this, you're one of... two people who have subscribed to the newsletter on the faith it's going to be good, with nothing to go off of but blogs I've written and Tweets I've sent ou…