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🎁 Valentin's Present - sleep, friendship, Pollock by a little girl, and other surprises.

Hope you slept well this weekend, and week.

🎁 Valentin's Present

December 2 · Issue #14 · View online
The best content I've ever found. Mouthwatering concepts, tempting questions, juicy books, delicious songs, exquisite short films, and other surprises.

Hope you slept well this weekend, and week.

Provoking Picture
Pollock, by Alain Laboile, 2016.
Pollock, by Alain Laboile, 2016.
Notice how she’s suspended off the ground because of her energy.
Mouthwatering Concepts
What if scientists found a revolutionary new treatment that does the following:
Makes you live longer, enhances your memory, creativity, and attention, makes you look more attractive, keeps you slim, protects you from cancer and dementia, and it prevents colds, flu, and lowers risk of heart attacks, and diabetes. You’ll even feel happier, less depressed, and less anxious.
Sleep is a natural treatment that helps with all of those things.
Some other notes that I took from this summary on the book below:
  • Being awake for 19 hours is as cognitively impairing as being legally drunk.
  • Driving after having slept less than 4 hours increases crash risk by 11.5x.
  • Chronic sleep deficits are as damaging to attention as all-nighters – 6 nights of 4-hour sleep are equal to one all-nighter; 10 nights of 6-hour sleep are equal to the same. Performance progressively worsens with greater sleep deficit.
  • Sleep is present in all animal species, even invertebrates. And bacteria that survive for longer than 24 hours have circadian-like rhythms. So despite its apparent drawbacks (vulnerability, “loss” of time), there must be must be something really important evolutionarily about sleep.

Juicy Book
This is currently the most comprehensive book about “why we sleep”, accessible to anyone who can read or listen. I liked it. Link.
Tempting Question
Which of our problems are due to answering the wrong questions?
Exquisite Short Film
Le Gouffre on Vimeo
Pretty fun short film about friendship and resourcefulness.
Finger-licking Quote
“When you say YES to others, make sure you are not saying NO to yourself.” — Paulo Coelho
Handpicked Product
Last Sunday I came across Pillow — an app to track sleep quality and an alarm. I used it the whole week and I absolutely loved it. I had been using another smart alarm (sleep cycle) for a couple of years but Pillow is way better.
Design is better, features are better, functionality I felt was better. As you’re setting the alarm, it tells you how many hours that’s going to be, then it creates a “time-window” of your desired length (like 30mins) and since Pillow has been tracking your sleep quality, it wakes you up at the best time within that time window (usually when you’re most “awake”). This week when the alarm sounded I felt I was already “waking up” — it actually worked for me (better than my previous app). Pillow has options for naps, a “sleep lab” where it gives you sleep tips, you can connect an apple watch for better tracking, and lots of other features. I believe good sleep is the most influential daily habit most people can have — I think it’s worth it to prioritize good sleep, and Pillow helps with that. I’m not getting paid or anything for this — I just thought this would be a cool section in my weekly gift. Thoughts?

Re Human Stories
Yesterday I was able to hold the human flag for 15 seconds, several times :). Put it up on my @re.human instagram today. Also been able to consistently hold handstands for around 10 seconds. Feels like I got both of them. Been practicing both of these exercises every day for probably almost two months now ?
This is a drawing I drew over a couple of days. This is the daily post where I started drawing it, if you want to see the progression. That post also includes a song I’ve been producing with Leonardo’s voice from Inception.
Delicious Music
This week I made a playlist I called Brain Gasm. I’ve always loved ODESZA but had never made a playlist of their instrumental vibe. If you like ODESZA’s instrumentals and/or Brain Smoothie, you should check this out.
A friend this week sent me Adan y Eva by Paulo Londra and I thought it was pretty catchy. En Español. I hadn’t heard of Paulo; turns out he’s a 20-year old from Argentina. Added to Aguacate.


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