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🎁 Valentin's Present - Meaningful

This week there's lots of meaningful content. Hope you enjoy it.

🎁 Valentin's Present

September 30 · Issue #5 · View online
The best content I've ever found. Mouthwatering concepts, tempting questions, juicy books, delicious songs, exquisite short films, and other surprises.

This week there’s lots of meaningful content. Hope you enjoy it.

Provoking Picture — of a provoking sculpture
Break Through From Your Mold by Zenos Frudakis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Mouthwatering Concepts
Reminder that these are just concepts — they may be true or not but they’re just so interesting to me.

The concepts below come from this great article, which expands more on them.

Meaning is contextual.
An inside joke can be meaningful to one community but completely irrelevant to another.
“A thing X will be perceived as meaningful in context C to the extent that it’s connected to other meaningful things in C.” - from the article linked

Feeling Meaning helps us avoid dead ends.
In a previous newsletter a concept I presented was that curiosity is a feeling that tells us what is most interesting — and thus leading us to find or create beauty and be more effective.
In a similar way, feeling meaning helps us realize what actions lead to long-term impact.

Pleasure is subjective but Meaning is objective (yet contextual).
You can close your eyes and bliss out as hard as you like, and the pleasure you experience will be no less valid because it’s “just in your mind.” Meaning, on the other hand, is entangled with external reality (if one believes the mathy definition above).
A great, well-known thought experiment example that might make you feel this point is: would you step into a chamber where you can be and experience anything you want (even meaning) but knowing that only you are experiencing this world and once you step in, there’s no way out of this “virtual” chamber?

Finger-licking Quote
“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” — Viktor Frankl

Melt-in-your-mouth Podcast
Breaker: Invest Like the Best - Tim Urban - Grand Theft Life - [Invest Like the Best, EP.59]
This is one of my all-time favorite podcast episodes — lots of super interesting thoughts in it. The “Invest Like the Best” podcast by Patrick is also amazing, and usually not just about investing, if at all.

Delicious Music
Try my Frappucino recipe if you want to taste some French Rap, mostly from Damso, a French rapper I think is great.
Rapsterdam is my Rap from the Netherlands playlist. The song Loterij is very interesting to me because the rap is in Dutch, but the underlying beat has lots of Reggaeton elements — and the song even starts with some Spanish words.
If you need to concentrate and do creative work at the same time, I put together a “Creative Concentration Blueberry Cobbler” playlist. The music Jesper Ryom makes is truly delicious, for me.

Tempting Question
Here’s a document with all the answers of people that replied to last week’s tempting question: perspectives on the meaning of life. My personal answer is at the bottom and in this Medium post!
I liked the experiment of the “interactive” tempting question so doing it again:
What is the best piece of advice your parents (each individually) ever gave you?
Again, if you want reply with your answer and whether you want your name and/or a link included; or keep it anonymous. Will share the answers next week in the same way.

As always, let me know your thoughts on this version of my 🎁present newsletter. Just hit reply.

I’ve continued doing my lifestyle re-design with my Re Human project. I’m going to write my second week’s recap after I click send on this newsletter — daily recaps and some other thoughts in my Medium blog.
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