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🎁 Valentin's Present - human evolution, sapiens, earth, sugar


🎁 Valentin's Present

April 22 · Issue #34 · View online

The best content I've ever found. Mouthwatering concepts, tempting questions, juicy books, delicious songs, exquisite short films, and other surprises.

Provoking Picture
One of the coolest paintings I’ve seen about human evolution. By Octavio Ocampo.
Juicy Books
This week I re-listened to Sapiens. It’s one of my all-time favorite books. Truly juicy. Link to audiobook. Here are my notes from this time around (hadn’t taken notes first time, was a while ago).
Mouthwatering Concepts
A distillation from my notes, about a mouthwatering concept from the book:
Since the start of the universe (if there was one), Physics, Chemistry, and then Biology were the major disciplines that explained how the world & universe works / evolved.
But once humans experienced a cognitive revolution that allowed us to communicate abstract ideas, stories, and imagination, Culture became a 4th major influence for how the world evolved, creating History.
Tempting Questions
What is a story you’re telling yourself that you don’t want to tell yourself anymore?
What is a new story you could tell yourself that you want to tell yourself?
Exquisite Short Film & Delicious Music
3 days ago Lil Dicky released this video. Some funny parts, so much in one 7min music video. It’s crazy how many artists he got to collaborate. Shows the power of having a good cause. Check out the video description for the list of all the people.
Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video)
And now that we’re in music video land, these two by Maroon 5 are exquisite (better songs).
Sugar’s video has great energy. They had a fantastic idea for the video: crashing weddings to play Sugar. You’ll definitely have a smile on your face throughout the video and after. That’s probably why it’s the 8th most watched video on Youtube
Maroon 5 - Sugar
They also made this video 10 months ago and it now has 2.1 Billion views — that’s crazy. Also a simple yet great concept for a video.
Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B
Finger-licking Quote
“The cave you fear holds the treasure you seek” — Joseph Campbell
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