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UX Writer Jobs: Walmart, Dice and Remote

UX Writer Jobs: Walmart, Dice and Remote
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #34 • View online
I have a confession to make. Earlier this year I thought about giving up this newsletter. I even had an email written to shut it down.
It takes a long time to put each of these together and I never seemed to find enough time to give it justice.
I was never happy with the final email. And as the size of this list grew, so did the pressure (admittedly, perceived) to make every one perfect.
I’m glad I never sent that email. I took a short break and, since coming back, I’ve been humbled by the replies I’ve received. Thank you.
This email isn’t a great one but that doesn’t matter. I’ll be back next week. And the week after, and the week after that. When they all add up, there will be good parts nestled in among the bad.
On with the show.
Scott Kubie’s thread re-ignited the old UX Writer job title debate but contains an important point for writers transitioning into the field of UX writing:

Friend of the newsletter, Patrick Stafford, has a new piece up over on the User Testing Blog about content testing and measurement.
Debbie Levitt has a great piece up on CMS Wire about how to write a UX Writer job description (hint: you probably won’t find a writer who knows how to code, design visual interfaces, and do your accounting. But you knew that already, right?)
Morgan Marie Quinn translates Pixar’s “11 Rules for Storytelling” into “14 Rules for UX Writing” over on Medium.
More good stuff! Jane Ruffino’s The Microcopy Canvas is a tool to help collaboration between your teams when designing copy.
Not long ago, I had to type a number of variations on “UX Writer” (Copywriter, Content Writer, Marketing Copywriter etc) to find jobs in Europe.
Now, every role is a “UX Writer”. It’s nice to see some consolidation happening in the industry.
Mane Contract Services are hiring for a UX Content Writer in London. You’ll have 2-3 years of experience for this role, working for a “Data Quality” company. Not sure why that’s a proper noun….
Dice are looking for a UX Copywriter (Contract) in London. The company are looking to “Get People Out More” (again, not sure why this is capitalised, it all sounds like aggressive fun). You’ll need at least 5 years of experience for this one and a passion for live music and culture.
Studio FM are recruiting a UX Writer in Barry. I can’t tell from the job ad but I really hope this is the same “Barry” as in Gavin and Stacey. Tidy.
Grover are after a UX Writer in Berlin. You get “free fruit and drinks” with this one, but only if you have two years of experience. The first girl I ever had a crush on was a “Grover”. This piece of information has no relevance to the job ad.
Tourlane are hiring a UX Writer in Berlin. From what I can tell, they’re a travel agency. Spoken German is a plus but not mandatory.
HelloWork are on the hunt for UX Writer in Rennes. When I was 13 I went on a French exchange with a family in Rennes. I was so nervous I stayed in my room for a week and read all three Lord of the Rings books, in English. Hopefully you have better luck with this posting.
Across the pond, Walmart want a UX Writer for their “Path Forward Returnship” in San Francisco. This is a “16-week paid internship for experienced professionals, returning to the workforce after taking time off for caregiving”. You’ll need at least 5 years of experience to qualify.
Ancestry are looking for a UX Writer in San Francisco. You’ll have between 2 and 5 years of experience for this one.
Credit Karma are after a UX Writer in Venice, California. You’ll need five years as a writer and a passion for financial simplicity.
TikTok have a listing up for a UX Writer in LA. Besides the usual requirements you’ll need experience using Sketch, Figma, and Asana.
Zebra are hiring a UX Writer in Austin, Texas. You’ll need 3+ years of experience and have written for insurance or financial products before.
Finally, after a remote role? InVision still have this listing up for a remote UX Writer.
The (actual) Praise Corner
“[These] weekly episodes remind me of the internet’s distant Golden Age, maybe 5 years ago. A charmed, unspoiled place where intellect, wit, heart, artistry, and practical news-you-can-use come together.“ – M. Katz
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My name is Gordon Macrae. I’m a freelance Learning Designer. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Good luck out there!
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