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UX Writer Jobs: Spotify, John Lewis & Farfetch

I picked up "Desert Divers' by Sven Lindqvist in a Tooting charity shop. I had never heard of the aut
UX Writer Jobs: Spotify, John Lewis & Farfetch
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #32 • View online
I picked up “Desert Divers’ by Sven Lindqvist in a Tooting charity shop. I had never heard of the author but I enjoyed the book. Part-memoir, part travel book, part literary history.
He writes about the great aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry with a reverence bordering on obsession. That part was a little off-putting. But he has some great advice for writers, this passage stuck with me:
"Saint-Exupéry taught me to demand of a writer not just excitement and adventure, but also knowledge, seriousness and presence.
"Presence most of all.
"If the writer is not there himself in his writer, how can he demand that you should be?”
In the end, his worship of Saint-Exupéry got a little tired. But reverence has been a theme this week. I saw the new Aretha Franklin film, Amazing Grace, in the cinema on Friday night.
There is a wonderful scene, when Franklin is singing the title track and her choir reacts like a football crowd after a goal has gone in.
After seeing that film and the last goal in the Ajax vs Tottenham game, who needs religion.
There are 1430 of you on this list. In this year, Philip the Good founded the Order of the Golden Fleece. Fancy.
Credit Karma are hiring for a UX Writer in London. You will have 3+ years of content strategy experience and be able to demystify financial terms in your sleep.
John Lewis are looking for a Lead UX Writer in London. A sweet 25% off John Lewis products with this one. You can almost feel the high-thread count linen from here.
Farfetch are after a Senior UX Copywriter in London. This one is working on their back-office tool so a good understanding of IA and taxonomies is a plus.
The Hired Guns might sound like an early ‘00s band your sister’s ex-boyfriend was in but they are, in fact, a product shop in New York City. They want a UX Product Copywriter to join their dog-friendly office “with its own bar where you’ll define the voice of a market share so big it’s fought Godzilla”. I have no idea what they do, the copy was too cute in this job ad to read beyond the first paragraph.
Spotify are looking for a UX Writer in New York. You will have 5 years of experience for this one.
The (damned with) Faint Praise Corner
“Pulled it out of my spam folder” - Roy West
“Interesting…” - Sasha Rack
“I actually didn’t just skim it" - Meredith Schulz
Send your faint praise as a reply to this email.
My name is Gordon Macrae. I’m a freelance UX Writer. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Good luck out there!

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