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UX Writer Jobs - Spotify, Fiverr & Squarespace

UX Writer Jobs - Spotify, Fiverr & Squarespace
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #9 • View online

We’re experiencing a late summer weather boom. The nights and early mornings are crisper but the temperature rises to the early 20s on most days. The sun still shines and it’s September, which is cause for celebration.
When I was little, September 1st marked the day autumn officially started. Sure, we might have a week or two of sunnier weather when we first started back at school. But those days would quickly give way to the gray and windy autumn afternoons.
I wallowed in nostalgia earlier this week. Moving back home is bittersweet. Friends and colleagues have moved on. People are leaving London, starting families. So I reverted to the music I was listening to 10 years ago, when I first moved to London.
I used to discover all my new music through blogs. So I was surprised to see a lot of familiar names in this article. For a start, I had no idea the Hype Machine was still around.
Even better, the site has a “time machine” function which enables you to go back to the most popular tracks from the last ten years.
I remember hearing The White Stripes for the first time when Hotel Yorba was featured. I also remember hearing the much buzzed about Cloud Nothings’ track ‘Hey Now Now’ and being very underwhelmed. 
That was the problem with music blogs. Every new track had to be ‘seminal’, ‘outrageous’, or ‘the best track of x year so far’. Which made everything underwhelming.
I went back through my old favourites the other day. Unsurprisingly, very few of them are still around. The Modern Age moved to Denver and became a food blogger. Her writing was how I discovered the Strokes’ backstory. In Eastbourne in 2004, lonely and bored in the computer lab. Wishing days of my life would move faster.
Nothing But Green Lights has disappeared. Brooklyn Vegan is still going (they were way ahead of the vegan thing) but is mostly just a listings site these days. Perhaps what I was most amazed about is that the Hype Machine hasn’t changed its gaudy layout at all.
These are the types of blogs I miss on the internet. Before everyone rushed to drive traffic and sell ads and make money off the weird esoteric thing they were into. Back when the writing used to be interesting.
You can still find them, if you poke around in the outer reaches. This one and this one and this one are my favourites. It’s all in the minutiae.
There are currently 476 of you on this list. Thank you for being a part of this. I’m writing an article about what hiring managers get wrong about UX writing. Feel free to send me your stories.
On with the show.
Fraugster are hiring for a Technical Writer / UX Writer in Berlin. Bit of a mish-mash this one, you’ll be able to write API documentation and write for UI. Buyer beware.
This job listing is for Senior UX Writer in Berlin but there’s no company name attached. Perhaps you’ll be sitting in an industrial-chic co-working space on your own, bashing out words into the ether. Sounds like the plot for a film with subtitles.
If you’re in Germany / want to move to Germany then you’re in luck this week. Get Your Guide are looking for a UX Writer (English-speaking), Fiverr are looking for a German UX Writer and Europe Language Jobs are after a Senior UX Writer. All these roles are in Berlin.
This UX Writer / Content Designer role in London might be the blandest / most generic I’ve ever seen.
Bamboo Crowd are after a UX Copywriter in London. The job description looks like a ‘UX Designer’ though, so not 100% sure what they’re after. It’s in “Fintech” if that’s your bag.
Zebra People are after a UX Writer / Content Designer in London. Entry level role.
Findmypast are hiring for a UX Copywriter in London. 3+ years of experience for this one.
Stockholm calling! Spotify are hiring a UX Writer (hat tip to Kristina Thufvesson for the listing).
New Classrooms are looking for a UX Writer for their English-speaking markets in Paris. Reports to the VP of Product so strong input on the product direction likely with this one.
North America
Zillow Group have an ad up for a UX Copywriter in San Francisco. Frequent travel to Seattle (3-4 times a quarter) required.
Etsy are after a Senior UX Copywriter in New York. 5+ years of experience needed here.
Aquent are looking for a Content Strategist / UX Writer in Los Angeles. You’ll have “7+ years strong experience” in content strategy, which draws to mind the image of someone with clenched teeth and strained neck muscles. Doing that for seven years sounds painful. Six month contract.
Namely are hiring a UX Writer in New York. Works closely across Marketing and Product.
Experis want a UX Copywriter in Basking Ridge, NJ. 2+ years of experience here.
Wibbitz have an ad up for a Freelance UX Writer. This one’s in New York City.
Squarespace are on the hunt for a UX Writing Lead in New York. The job ad is just one block of text so maybe you’re first job will be inserting paragraph breaks into web copy…
RingCentral are looking for a great UX Writer in Belmont, California. 1-2 years of experience and proficiency with data a must for this one. Reach out to Evie Goldstein for more info.
Around the World
Foxtel are looking for a UX Copywriter in North Ryde, Australia. That’s a four-minute walk from Macquarie Park train station. I have no context as to whether that’s good or bad.
Interesting Reads
In Boston? Want to go to Boston? Allison Grinberg-Funes is helping organise the Talk UX conference from 18-19 October. Consider this a nudge to attend. The Web Design Museum is my current favourite part of the internet, it’s a living museum of old websites from 1995-2005. It’s crazy how these already look nostalgic. And Tilmea Falmann has a great piece up about alternative copy testing methods to A/B testing. And friend of the newsletter Patrick Stafford wrote a cracking piece about copy techniques that alienate users.
My name is Gordon Macrae. By day I run UX, Product Management, and Data programs for an education company. By night I’m a freelance UX writer. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Good luck out there!
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