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UX Writer Jobs: Slack, Gap & The New York Times

UX Writer Jobs: Slack, Gap & The New York Times
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #18 • View online

by Quincy Adams
by Quincy Adams
A few days ago, I saw this tweet from Jane Halloweeno:

I like this. UX Writing is a good example of a tech discipline where you can find good candidates outside the traditional recruiting sources (side note: this should be the case with all tech roles, but I digress).
Similarly, if someone with a background in cartooning applied for a role, I’d fight for them to get hired. Like poetry, writing a good cartoon is all about stringing words and images together. I’d argue it’s even more like UX Writing than poetry. Because good UX Writing blends the words and images together so that you can’t distinguish one without the other.
It’s the opposite of the writing motto “show, don’t tell”. Which is where journalism, creative non-fiction and UX Writing differ. In UX Writing, you’re stringing together words and images to create a clear narrative. One that inspires trust but allows you the flexibility to talk to your users across a range of situations. Much like cartooning.
As we know from Garfield Minus Garfield, cartoons with missing elements still work – just as UI components “work” with no text – but their meaning is fundamentally altered. The message is different. Which, when you’re designing a product, is not a good look.
Poetry works the same way, just look at Brion Gysin and William Burroughs and their experiments in the cut-up technique. Regardless of how you judge the poetry, the meaning is altered.
So when you’re hiring, maybe consider someone who dabbles in poetry or cartooning on the side. As the Hungarian-American psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, observed:
“Not so long ago, it was acceptable to be an amateur poet….Nowadays if one does not make some money (however pitifully little) out of writing, it’s considered to be a waste of time. It is taken as downright shameful for a man past twenty to indulge in versification unless he receives a check to show for it.”
But maybe that amateur poet is your next UX Writing hire….
There are currently 762 of you on this list. A humble “thank you” to each and everyone of you. As always, feel free to drop me a note with the types of roles you’re looking for and where you’re based. I read every one.
On with the show.
North America
The New York Times are recruiting for a UX / Product Writer in New York. You’ll have 6+ years of product & UX experience for this one. In return you’ll also get $8k a year for tuition reimbursement. Sweet.
Gap are recruiting for a Senior UX Writer in San Francisco. This is a management position, you’ll be the ‘Copy Lead’.
Amazon are after a UX Writer in Seattle. I read today that 6,000 dogs come to the Amazon office in Seattle everyday. So maybe don’t apply if you hate dogs.
LinkedIn want a UX Writer in Sunnyvale, California.
CrowdStrike are looking for a Senior UX Writer. Apparently, they are a “market leader in compensation + stock options” and have a “competitive vacation policy”, without including any numbers. Ask in the interview. FYI, this looks like a remote role.
Slack want a Staff Product Writer in San Francisco. A version of hell would be if every door in your office opened to the Slack notification sound. Let’s hope that’s not the case in their office.
98point6 Inc. are after a UX Writer in Seattle. You’ll need to be “resilient, motivated and passionate about UX, chatbots and writing” for this one. I guess you’ll know it if you see it.
Personio are recruiting for a UX Writer in Munich. Relocation support and 26 days of vacation for the right candidate. Must speak English and German.
Deliveroo are after a Content Designer in London. Lots of free food with this one, and subsidised gym membership to balance it out.
ResearchGate are looking for a Senior UX Writer in Berlin. Five years of experience writing for the web needed.
Smart Pension want a Content Designer (Copywriter) in London. Not sure what all the air-quotes around “UX Writer” are in the job description.
TrustedHousesitters are after recruiting for a UX Copywriter in Brighton. Unclear if you get a free dog with this one.
Babbel are hiring for a Senior UX Writer in Berlin. You’ll have 5+ years of experience writing for the web and have management experience.
Wayfair want a UX Copywriter, also in Berlin. English and German required here. You’ll also get “limitless career opportunities”. Although presumably this doesn’t mean everyone gets to be CEO.
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Good luck out there!
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