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UX Writer Jobs - HUGE, Facebook &

In New York, I had a second monitor on my desk for Premier League games. I was five hours behind the
UX Writer Jobs - HUGE, Facebook &
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #14 • View online
In New York, I had a second monitor on my desk for Premier League games. I was five hours behind the UK, which meant mid-week fixtures fell within working hours.
Whenever there was a Liverpool game, I would block out time on my calendar so nobody booked a meeting, tune in to the game, and pretend to be on a very important video call. I became adept at stifling groans of despair or, on rare occasions, goal celebrations.
So nobody disturbed me, I wore headphones. Usually, I could only pick up American commentary for the games. Without fail, this was always amusing. An American-English version of the beautiful game.
“Mo Salah kills the ball like a bag of cement.”
“It’s still a shut-out here at White Hart Lane.”
“In the six, there’s nobody better.”
Still, nobody in the office called me out for watching games during the workday. Could be they chalked it up to British eccentricity. Could be they didn’t even notice.
Colleagues sometimes questioned me about football hooligans. Stories of English fans abroad were treated with more fear than a bad brunch. So perhaps they were worried I’d “kick off” at them if I was disturbed. My normally placid exterior a sea of foaming rage.
Either way, whenever anyone tried to get my attention I minimised the window showing the game, pointed to my headphones and mouthed, “I’m on a call”. Then I turned back to my screen, unmuted the commentary, and carried on with my day.
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On with the show.


North America
HUGE are looking for a Senior Copywriter, UX in Chicago. That comma is important.
LinkedIn are after a UX Writer in Sunnyvale. They say you’ll need to have five years of experience for this one.
Work & Co. are looking for a Senior Copywriter in Brooklyn. Reports into the Copy Lead, more UX than brand / copywriting despite the role title.
Amazon are looking for a Senior UX Writer on their Advertising Experience team. The role is in New York City. New York cares.
enableIT might sound like a fake name from Office Space but they’re a real company in New York City and they want to hire you if you’re a UX Copywriter.
Meetup are after a Product Content Strategist, also in New York City. They want someone to be curious, independent, humble and humorous, which sounds like a brainteaser.
Uber Eats want a Senior UX Writer in San Francisco.
Aquent want a Senior UX Voice Content Writer in San Franciso. There are more buzzwords in that title than you can shake a stick at.
Rally Health want a UX/Creative Writer and Content Strategist in San Francisco. I can only assume they’ve copy / pasted a software engineer job description into this link. They’re looking for a writer who knows Angular, Scala, Java and SQL. If this is a real job then we’re all screwed.
Postman want a UX Writer in San Francisco.
A “major banking client” wants a UX Writer in Toronto. Hourly rate seems a little low…
The U.S. National Archives and Records are looking for a Content Designer in Kew, London. Reports to the Managing Editor but supports the UX function.
Publicis are looking for a Senior Content Strategist in London. This one is more on the technical side, with CMS and implementation experience a must.
Citizens Advice are looking for a Senior Content Designer in London. 24-month contract.
Wayfair are after a UX Copywriter in Berlin. You’ll need to be a native German speaker.
REED are looking for a Content Designer in Bristol.
NewsCred are after a Content Strategist in London. They’re looking for someone with five years of marketing experience.
Facebook (heard of them?) are looking for a Content Strategy Manager in London. are looking for a UX Copywriter in Amsterdam. Three years of experience and a great team. Get on your bike.
Monarch Recruitment are after a UX Content Designer / Writer in London. They’ve optimised the hell out of this job listing by squeezing “Content Designer, Content Writer, Copywriter, UX, Digital” into the first sentence.
Major Players are looking for a UX Copywriter in London. The job description lists “an endless list of benefits” as a perk but declines to list any of said benefits. Curious.
My name is Gordon Macrae. By day I run UX, Product Management, and Data programs for an education company. By night I’m a freelance UX writer. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Good luck out there!
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