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UX Writer Jobs: Google, HubSpot & Shopify

UX Writer Jobs: Google, HubSpot & Shopify
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #42 • View online

From Roger Strunk's Time Bunker
From Roger Strunk's Time Bunker
Earlier this week, I was chatting to a hiring manager from a well known Silicon Valley company about how to hire UX Writers. The conversation went back and forth on the usual topics: how it was difficult to find mid-level writers, how it was hard to find writers that could write for a B2B audience, how long it takes to hire etc.
At the end of the conversation, I asked if their company was open to hiring remote UX Writers, even on a freelance basis, as a way to bridge the gap between identifying the right candidate and operating as usual in the interim.
Their response was very telling, and is a good piece of insight for anyone looking for a remote UX Writing role.
“UX is a contact sport,” they said. “You need to be in constant contact to get the job done.”
Just like you can’t play cricket (or baseball) over the internet, so companies find it hard to hire UX Writers in remote roles.
There’s a common misconception that the role is 100% writing. It isn’t. It’s barely 10% of the role. You can be a remote content writer but until we have good enough V.R. software then you won’t be able to replicate the in-person features of the role. This isn’t about the future of working, it’s the reality of work today.
And given my Zoom calls bug out so often, I don’t see that happening any time soon. The robots are coming, albeit very, very slowly.
Speaking of jobs, I posted this on Twitter earlier this week. A number of people have asked if they can submit jobs to the newsletter for review. The answer is “always yes”. Will I post all of them? Unlikely, but I read every one. If you are hiring for a UX Writer you can use this handy submission form [it’s free].
I’ve started to look around the job market in a very light oh-not-yet-maybe-in-a-few-months-let’s-have-coffee type way. One resource I’ve been using to get back in the swing of things is Ryan Farrell’s Daily UX Writing Challenge.
I’ll do more of a thorough write-up when I’ve completed it (I must admit, I have struggled to complete the challenge every day), but if you are job-hunting there isn’t a better resource out there for getting tangible practice at the sort of hiring tasks you’ll be set when you interview.
Bonus: Ryan is also a very funny writer and I’d encourage you to check out his post on how to use comedy in UX Writing.
On my never-ending reading list this week (seriously, has anyone ever “completed” reading all the articles they save to Pocket?) is a piece about form design, the rise of the generalist, and a piece about surfing. Here’s what I’ve been reading.
This article by Biz Sanford is a couple of years old but still stands up. Sketching with words and how Shopify thinks about the design process.
From the last couple of weeks, Jeremiah Lam on the “vague role of a UX Writer” and Molly Davis on how “He” is undermining your team and what to use instead.
Molly Nix has written a piece on the Airbnb blog about the benefits of being a design generalist. Are you frustrated about being involved too late in your current projects? Felicia Wu has written about a co-creation process which Clover has started to embrace. And Adam Silver has a timely primer on designing forms up on his blog.
And from the vaults: Writing Waves.
North America Jobs
Shopify is on the hunt for a Product Content Strategist in either Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or Waterloo (Canada). You choose. You’ll work alongside designers, researchers and front-end developers to build the future of commerce and empower merchants around the world. They’re looking for someone with content strategy experience and a background that includes interface content or microcopy. Better get a move on.
Best Buy are looking for a UX Writer to work on their Stay product family. You’ll have 5+ years of experience and familiarity working in an Agile or Scrum environment. Some good-looking perks with this one. Based in Burnaby.
West Coast
[I missed the link for this one last week so posting again] Clover are hiring for three (yes, three) Content Designers in Sunnyvale, California. UX Writing is a core component of the role but you may be writing help content, style guides and much more. And with three open positions, you’d be foolish not to apply. 
Citi Ventures are after a UX Writer in San Francisco. This is a contract position (20-30 hrs for 2-3 weeks). They want someone ASAP.
Dropbox have a number of listings up on their site for full-time and contractor roles. They are also hiring for a part-time proofreader. Get on it.
Blue Owl are looking for a UX Copywriter in San Francisco. Two days work from home and four weeks of vacation with this one. I’m not going to say anything snarky about European vacation time.
PlayStation are after a (contract) UX Writer in San Francisco. You’ll have 5+ years of experience for this role and experience working on an ecommerce platform.
Cedars-Sinai are hiring for a UX Writer in Los Angeles. This role has been up for a month but they’ve only had a handful of applicants. You’ll sit in their Digital Strategy Team.
Bird are on the hunt for a UX Writer in LA. They’re on “a mission to make cities more livable by reducing traffic and carbon emissions with an affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly transportation option.” You’ll have 4+ years of experience for this one and bonus points if you can spot the grammar mistakes in the job listing.
Faire are after a UX Writing Manager in San Francisco. 5+ years of experience as a UX Writer and a management background required.
East Coast
HubSpot are looking for a Content Designer in Cambridge. Read more about UX Content team at HubSpot, and their Human Approach to Product Content on Medium.
FutureFuel are hiring a UX Writer in New York. 3+ years of experience as a writer (with 1+ in a UX or Product role). The JD says they’re open to remote if that’s your bag.
Kabbage want a UX Writer / Conversational Designer in NYC. Unlimited PTO and equity offered with this role. The PTO is unlimited, not the equity.
Squarespace are after a UX Content Strategist in NYC. 5+ years of experience and a dog-friendly office. Sidenote: I’m fairly sure the dog:human ratio in NYC is 1:1.
Codal are hiring a Content Writer in Chicago. This one leans more towards marketing + traditional copywriting but a few elements of UX Writing in the role. 3+ years of experience required.
Thomson Reuters are looking for a UX Writer in Minneapolis. You’ll have 3-5 years of experience in UX Writing or a similar role for this one, with a good understanding of SEO.
Blackboard are after a Senior Content Designer in Austin. You’ll have a degree in Communications or Computer Science and a good understanding of HTML/CSS.
Creative Circle want a UX Content Strategist, also in Austin. They’re hiring for a financial services client and you’ll need 6+ years of experience. You can probably work out the client if you want to apply direct…
Europe Jobs
Remember that PlayStation listing above? Well they’re also looking for the same role in London. The UK listing doesn’t have a separate link but you can apply through the SF post. As a reminder, it’s a contract UX Writer role. You’ll have 5+ years of experience for this role and experience working on an ecommerce platform.
Tate Britain want a Junior Digital Content Manager in London. A good entry-level role this one.
Monzo Bank are one of the darlings of the London startup scene and they’re after a Writer for their Lending product. Not an entry-level job unfortunately but good salary and stock options for the right candidate.
Soldo are looking for a UX Writer in London. You’ll have 3+ years of experience and can (ideally) speak Italian.
HSBC want a UX Copywriter in their London office. The requirements say “entry-level” and “no education” which doesn’t sound right.
Deliveroo are hiring for a Content Designer in London. This is a great job ad that clearly lays out what is and isn’t part of the role. Hiring managers, copy this one for a rainy day.
PeopleDoc are after a UX Copywriter in Paris. English and French required for this one, with a dollop of HTML for good measure.
Vivy are on the hunt for a UX Content Writer in Berlin. 3+ years of experience needed and they’re offering language classes for the right applicant.
Coya are in need of a UX Writer in Berlin. You’ll speak German and English for thie one.
Rounding out the German listings, Delivery Hero want an Associate Technical Writer in Berlin. As the title suggests, this leans more on the technical side but a decent portion of UX Writing is included in the responsibilities.
Last, but not least, Massive Entertainment want a Lead Narrative Designer in Stockholm.
Pomo are hiring for a UX Writer in Tel Aviv. You’ll be a native English speaker with 2+ years of product writing experience. You’ll report to their Head of Content who is a champion haiku writer, apparently. Sidenote: this would be an excellent course for UX Writers.
Lightricks want a Copy / Content Writer in Jerusalem. Ideally, you’ll speak Hebrew for this one. A blend of marketing, PR and UX Writing in the job ad.
DBS Bank are looking for a UX Writer to own writing at their institutional bank. The job ad is a little unclear so reach out directly for more info.
R/GA want a Senior Copywriter to work on UX and Brand. Mix of copywriting and UX Writing here. Would suit someone coming from brand work in an agency.
Google Maps are hiring for a UX Writer in Sydney. Ideally, you’ll have written for a transport app (or similar) before and you’ve lead content strategies for end-to-end user experiences.
People’s Choice Credit Union are looking for a UX Writer in Adelaide. You’ll be writing across their website, internet banking and mobile banking apps, so experience in any of those will be a plus.
My name is Gordon Macrae. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Do you have a role you’d like to feature in the newsletter? Reply to this email to learn more about our rates.
Good luck out there!
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