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UX Writer Jobs: Google, Dyson & Netflix

UX Writer Jobs: Google, Dyson & Netflix
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #29 • View online

I haven’t done one of these for a while. I’m in the process of buying a house, it turns out that takes up a lot of time. Who knew?
I’ve been thinking a lot about perfection this week. One of the people on my team really struggles with getting things done. For him, if a task isn’t done right it’s not worth doing at all.
I’ve always thought the opposite. That the first draft of an article, the first model you build, the first idea you have, will always be terrible. You refine the idea from there. Sometimes, it’s the act of getting down the piece of shit idea that helps you create the good idea you end up making later on.
I took a painter + decorator class this week, and that’s the advice that our teacher gave us.
“When you’re painting a line at the top of the wall, near the ceiling, always dab a bit of paint lower down the wall to start. Draw a bad line down there, where it doesn’t matter. It’ll get it out of your system when you go to draw the line that actually matters.”
Now, everywhere I look, I see the same advice across different industries.
In a recent issue of The New Yorker I read about how the actor Bill Hader “dreaded performing live on SNL”.
A few years in, he began deliberately “blowing” his first line of dialogue. He said, “that it would relax me realising, after my brain panicked, that no-one even noticed.”
And in an old Fast Company article about public speaking:
At the start of any speech or presentation, pause for a moment longer than necessary. The pause draws your audience in because they’re afraid you’re nervous, that they might be about to witness a fuck-up.
And nobody wants to see that. It’s uncomfortable and awkward.
So then when you continue talking with confidence your audience is relaxed. As if their presence has ensured your speech will be good.
Dance like nobody’s watching.
There are 1251 of you on this list. Here’s a reminder of how good this song is.
D+E GmbH are hiring for a junior UX Writer in London. The formatting in this job ad is all over the place but you’ll be designing for the BBC.
Dyson are hoovering up talent and looking for a Voice UX Specialist in Hullavington. You’ll have 5+ years of experience for this one.
The Ministry of Justice are looking for a Content Designer in London. 22% pension contribution and an extra day off for the Queen’s birthday.
Dashlane are after a UX Writer in Paris. Ability to operate in French and English is a must, as is 3 years of experience.
HelloWork are recruiting a UX Writer in Rennes. Again, you’ll need French for this one. The job ad is written in French, which would be your first clue.
North America
Netflix are hiring a Content Designer in Los Gatos, California. Jen Schaefer’s the hiring manager and you’ll need knowledge of design systems to get a foot in the door.
Google are recruiting for a UX Writer on their Android team (and one in their Android Auto division). You’ll need to convince Sean Cotter you’re the right person for both roles (reach out to him on LinkedIn). You’ll be in Mountain View, California. Which I hear is very nice.
Stash sounds like the name of a bar in Murray Hill but apparently it’s a financial services company “committed to making saving and investing accessibly to everyone” (2-for-1 drinks whenever the Cubs are playing). They’re looking for a UX Writer with 1+ years of experience. The role is in New York City.
Talent Avenue are hiring a UX Content Strategist in San Francisco. You’ll have 5-8 years of experience and you’ll work on a digital health and fitness app.
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Good luck out there!
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