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UX Writer Jobs: Facebook, VSCO & Netflix

UX Writer Jobs: Facebook, VSCO & Netflix
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #39 • View online

Cycling in London is the closest I get to surfing. Given I live 60 miles from the nearest beach break, that is a small comfort.
I first learned to surf when I lived in New York. All through that first summer I monitored the surf forecast like an addict. Rising at 4 or 5am to take the A train out to the Rockaways, just for the chance to ride two foot waves, might sound masochistic to some, but I grew to love it.
If I managed to catch even a few of those short breaks in a session it was like an early payday. I was officially addicted.
When I came back to London I missed the disconnection from daily life that surfing brings. Which is why it’s a relief to drop into traffic for two hours every day and forget about the day-to-day.
I start my journey on Brixton Hill. It’s a crisp morning, leaves swirl in cyclones around my wheels.
Brixton’s an attractive place, with a pre-World War I cinema and enough jerk chicken shops to seed a small booklet of bad puns.
In the last five years it’s gentrified beyond the knife crime that gave the area an `edge’ in the late-nineties. The other cyclists here, with their worn trousers and white t-shirts, are attractive.
They tick past me in a steady stream, a cascading rhythm of downshifts and unclipped cleats that sound like monotone birdsong.
The weather switches north of the Oval Cricket Ground. My arms bubble with goosebumps. Weaving through double-decker buses I dive for the gaps between vehicles, like a surfer chasing a closeout.
Buses and trucks swing past like heavy six foot waves. If you cycle in any city for long enough you start to detect the patterns of how different vehicles move through lanes of traffic.
This bus will slow down when he sees me pass him, idling at a stop. But this lorry will speed up on the same manoeuvre, so I downshift, pedal back, and slot in behind his wave of exhaust. Pedal harder now to slip out the kerbside so you don’t inhale too much and cut up the slipstream on the inside to overtake him at the stoplight.
There are the same cliques and tribalism in city cycling that you get in the ocean. The shortboard riders (matching lycra, socks, clip-in pedals club shirts) punching through traffic. All short, sharp turns and power.
The languid longboarders - sit up and beg bikes, mismatched clothing, baskets). They are happy to catch a couple of waves and go with the flow.
At the other end you have the newbies wobbling in the shallows. And the old-guard - leathered skin, 1978 tour t-shirt and bodies like old rope or the bottom of a foot - they don’t take many waves but when they do they glide through the tightest turns and narrowest slots. All while riding fixed-gear bikes with no front or back brakes.
There are 1,585 of you on this list. In 1585 the first group of colonists sent by Sir Walter Raleigh landed on Roanoke Island. What happened next will blow your mind (spoiler: they disappeared).
When I first designed and ran classes for General Assembly I always wanted to run a “Designing for Non-Designers” workshop. I couldn’t convince my boss at the time to let me run the class. But I still maintain it would sell out. Related: the Nielsen Norman Group have a video up called “Sketching for Non-Designers”. Maybe I’ll pitch them my course idea.
The Daily UX Writing Challenge is a great initiative by Ryan Farrell. Sadiyah Lasania has written a nice piece about what she learned while doing the daily challenge.
Lately, I seem to have had a lot of conversations with people who feel burned out. Is it an epidemic? Or is our current work work work (pub, club, sleep) lifestyle to blame? This article breaks down both sides of the debate.
A couple of last notes. I fell in love with freelancing, maybe you will too. And are you looking to improve your team’s CX Writing game? The UX Writers Collective have a new course on CX Writing. Use the code “JOBNEWS15” at checkout for 15% off.
VSCO are hiring for a Lead Content Strategist in Oakland. Currently, they only has one Content Strategist, but they’re looking to build out the team. Bonus points if you’re also interested in photography or the arts, as that’s VSCO’s product space.
Spotify want a Senior UX Writer in New York City. You’ll have 5+ years of experience for this one.
Netflix are after a Content Designer to beef up their offering in Los Gatos. You’ll have 5+ years of experience and be comfortable “advocating for your point of view in our candid, feedback-driven culture”. This last part sounds like a scene description from “Mean Girls”.
Collabera are hiring a UX Writer in Mountain View, California. Can you actually view a mountain in this town (genuine question)? Anyway, you’ll have 5-7 years of experience.
And finally, Smartsheet want a UX Writer in Bellevue, Washington. 3+ years of experience needed for this one.
MagicLab are looking for a UX Copywriter in London. They’re looking for an English-major to own in-app tone of voice across Badoo and Lumen.
The Ministry of Justice are hiring for a Content Designer in Sheffield. All the cool kids are selling their guitars and moving to Sheffield these days.
Culture Trip have a job ad up for a Senior Content Strategist in London. You’ll have 5+ years of experience for this one and the patience to read through the entire job ad, which is longer than ‘War and Peace’.
Facebook are on the hunt for a Content Strategist in London. You’ll have 5+ years of experience working with mobile or web interfaces.
Vivy are after a UX Content Writer in Berlin. You’ll have 3+ years of experience and speak German and English. Preferably not at the same time.
Looking to break into the industry? AirHelp are hiring for a UX Writer Intern in Berlin.
My name is Gordon Macrae. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Do you have a role you’d like to feature in the newsletter? Reply to this email to learn more about our rates.
Good luck out there!
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