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UX Writer Jobs - Dropbox, Indeed & King

When I left journalism in 2012 I always knew I'd eventually come back to writing, I just didn't think
UX Writer Jobs - Dropbox, Indeed & King
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #11 • View online
When I left journalism in 2012 I always knew I’d eventually come back to writing, I just didn’t think it would take six years.
I left for a number of reasons. Opportunities for advancement were minimal, the pay was terrible and my employer was a cult. Small details, I guess. In many ways, nothing about what we did was journalism in the way I was expecting when I applied for the job.
When I was looking around for other things to do there were only a few jobs that required the same skills: PR, copywriting, marketing content writer.
To go and work in either of those was considered “selling out” by my grizzled 24-year olds colleagues. So I went to work in tech for an education company. I did a bit of writing on the side but my day job was now in business. Turns out I loved learning about that side of things. I also got lucky, the startup I joined went from Series A to acquisition during the time I was there. In many ways, the last six years has been an MBA’s worth of education without the price-tag.
Today, things are different. In the last few years, UX Writing has offered a better path for journalists looking for something different. But pathways into the role are still difficult to find. As Tiffany Lee (a former journalist, now UX Writer at Google) says, “a lot of potential writers still don’t know about this field, and it doesn’t help that companies use different titles for essentially the same role”.
In lieu of a formal training route into the industry (although this will change soon!), companies are increasingly looking for people who have had formal training in journalism, technical writing, creative writing, communications, public relations. Really, anything that directly relates to writing.
As Kristina Bjoran points out, this is an interesting diversion from other more “traditional” UX roles, in that it expects an intuitive understanding of how to effectively design communications rather than, specifically, interfaces.
And as Alex Schmidt notes, the skills required to be a good UX Writer are very similar to those prized in journalism. Both roles require you to be question askers. It’s never sufficient to take the status quo for granted but to “always dig deeper to find the truth”.
They’re both highly collaborative fields that are interested in uncovering the “why” behind how people behave. Both disciplines require condensing a large amount of information into a small amount of space, and making it digestible.
As a journalist you are never a subject matter expert but you have to know how to get all the necessary information out of people who are. Same with UX Writing. You aren’t your products main user, but you have to learn how to think and act like them.
And a huge part of the job is not knowing the full picture, whether that’s trade negotiations or how your users are going to interact with your product.
Food for thought.
There are 511 of you on this list. 5-1-1 is a transportation and traffic information hotline for some regions in the USA and Canada.
On with the show.

North America
Indeed have a couple of interesting roles up. A UX Copywriter in San Francisco and a Senior Content Strategist in Seattle. Contact Rachel Andre for more info if you’re interested.
Seeing more of these Content Strategist / UX Writer jobs posted up. This one’s for Better Therapeutics in San Francisco. Are companies hedging their bets to attract more candidates because there’s no clear definition of the job title? Or are they looking for one person to do the job of two people. I’ll let you decide on this one.
Dropbox are still looking for a Senior UX Writer in New York.
Rally Health are recruiting for a UX/Creative Writer and Content Strategist in San Francisco. Now that sounds like three jobs…
TripAdvisor have a Senior UX Copywriter role up. This one was posted a few months ago. It’s in Needham, MA which just gives me an excuse to post this video again.
Vertafore have an Associate-Lead UX Writer role posted in Denver. Not sure what an ‘associate lead’ is responsible for but this might be the longest job ad I’ve ever read.
Paladin are hiring for a UX Writer in Phoenix. 2+ years of experience for this one.
Europe + Remote
NewsCred are looking for an Associate Content Strategist in London. This one’s more editorial than straight UX Writing, but you’ve got to start somewhere. 0-3 years of experience with a heavy emphasis on remote working.
Research Gate are (still) hiring for a Senior UX Writer in Berlin. Apparently “three years experience” is sufficient to qualify as “Senior” these days…
Insider is looking for a UX Writer in Istanbul and India. They’re open to Remote although the first challenge is figuring out how to access the job role on their page….
There’s a company in Staines looking for a Creative Writer. Fairly brief job description so I’m posting this video as an accompaniment. I’m sure everyone in Staines loves this.
King are hiring a Content Support Writer - UX Writing in Barcelona. This looks more like a content writer role than straight UX.
We featured this UX Copywriter role with TrackOFF last week but I’m re-posting here as they’re also open to remote. The company is based in Baltimore.
My name is Gordon Macrae. By day I run UX, Product Management, and Data programs for an education company. By night I’m a freelance UX writer. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Good luck out there!
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