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UX Writer Jobs - Deliveroo, Gap & Google

Open Call: I'm putting together a list of summer UXW internships for an upcoming issue. If you are r
UX Writer Jobs - Deliveroo, Gap & Google
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #13 • View online

Open Call: I’m putting together a list of summer UXW internships for an upcoming issue. If you are running an internship program in 2019 then shoot me an email at (or reply to this email) and I’ll include in an upcoming issue….
I recently started a storytelling class at City Academy. It’s tough, it’s like group therapy. Each week we’re expected to tell personal stories to the rest of the group. Throughout the course I’ve realised how English I am.
“Where’s the emotion?” our instructor said to me in the first class. “Your story was very clinical and matter-of-fact.”
But it’s good, it’s forcing me to learn how to tell stories to large audiences. Which is something I’ve never been good at doing.
One of the most important things I’ve learned is how to earn the audiences’ permission to move your story forward.
Every story has a series of landmarks you must hit in order to keep it moving, give it life and momentum.
The way you construct a story is to carry the narrative to each of those landmarks, gauge your audiences’ reaction, and move on only if you have permission.
I think that’s what a lot of us get wrong about writing. Just because you’ve said something doesn’t mean you’ve earned someone’s permission to read it.
At its heart, UX Writing is all about understanding how to write a good story.
Here’s a list of books about writing I recommend to anyone who asks about getting into UX Writing. For when you want to read beyond the theory.

  • On Writing Well by William Zinsser. First published in 1976 but 100% relevant today.
  • Elements of Style by William Skrunk. A stone-cold classic.
  • Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. As with all books about writing this is more about life than about writing.
  • On Writing by Stephen King. The master storyteller. My copy of this book has more dog-eared pages than non-dog-eared pages.
There are currently 592 of you on this list. There were two Flight 592s that crashed. Which is a cheery thought.
On with the show.

  • Looking to round out skills gaps in your UX knowledge? Mitchell Wakefield has put together this free online learning curriculum from resources across a ton of schools.
  • We’ve always said job descriptions are broken. Here’s why you should hire people who aren’t proven.
  • This Twitter thread.
  • Every Word Matters has a series of rather marvellous interviews with UX Writers, Content Designers and Content Strategists. Check it.
  • Elizabeth Gilbert gets a lot of shit from the anti-Eat, Pray, Love brigade. But this talk about distinguishing between a hobby, a job, a career and a vocation is quite terrific.
  • Want to feel good about yourself? Content Strategy is a job for interesting people.
  • On Wednesday lunchtime, I came across this band in Rough Trade. It’s that time of year to pull out your autumn sweater. Here’s your soundtrack.
North America
Wayfair are looking for a UX writer. They’re looking for someone with 1-3 years of writing experience. You’ll be working across all product design teams. A good opportunity for someone writing in a related field (like marketing or editorial) looking to make the leap to product design / UX.
Gap are hiring a Senior UX Writer in San Francisco. 5+ years of experience with a focus on retail and presumably all the free white t-shirts you can wear.
Microsoft are recruiting for a UX Content Designer in Bellevue, WA. This is an on-site, contract position. They’re after a mix of technical writing, usability testing, and UX writing experience.
80Twenty are looking for a UX Product Writer in the San Francisco area. They’re recruiting for a Fortune 500 company, you’ll have 4+ years of experience.
Lyft want a Content Strategist / UX Writer in San Francisco. Two jobs, one role? You’ll have to figure it out for yourself.
Apex Systems want a UX Voice Content Writer in San Francisco. Two years of experience with this one. It’s a contractor to full time role. They have a “super cute” list of skills you’ll need to have including “basic subtraction and addition”.
RMS are hiring a System Content / UX Writer in Newark, CA. This has a lot of technical writer characteristics including “experience with API documentation, Swagger Tools, GitHub.”
NerdWallet have their ad back up for a UX Copywriter. It’s in SF and you’ll need 2+ years of experience, preferably with finance products. They have an on-site barista.
Expedia are looking for a Content Strategist in their Chicago office. They’re looking for a former journalist or HCI grad with 3 years of experience.
Personio have an ad up for a UX Writer in Munich. You’ll need English and German but you get a sweet scooter in return.
Farfetch want a Content Designer in London. This one reports to their Customer Success Team so not a product-focused role, but they are looking for someone with a visual design background.
Which? are after a Content Designer in London. You’ll need a talent for UX and data with this one.
GDS are recruiting for a Content Designer in London. Might as well set an alert on this one, they’re hiring for a lot of roles.
ThisWay want a Junior Content Strategist in London. Entry-level role although they put this weird line in the job description: “To help us understand if this is you, we will ask a couple of questions in the application form, some of these might sound strange for a job application, but please try to answer a honestly as possible.” My mind already went too far with what these questions might be.
Deliveroo are looking for a Content Designer in London. All the free food you can eat with this one. Plus access to a “nap room”, which sounds like a perk you could abuse real quick.
onezeero are hiring a UX Copywriter in London. This looks more like a copywriting gig with “UX” appended.
Google are after a UX Content Strategist in London. All the pre-requisites are fairly standard until the last one: “Ability to speak and write in one or more of the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese (BR), Bahasa Indonesian, Hindi and/or Bengali fluently and idiomatically.” That should really sort the wheat from the chaff.
User Interviews are hiring for a Content Crafter. This is more of a content writer role but it’s a small team and a junior position so opportunity to grow. Contact if this sounds like a role you’d interested in and send a link to your LinkedIn profile + any relevant writing samples and/or design portfolios.
Auster are looking for a remote Copywriter. Their ‘About Us’ section is truly a work of art and includes this gem: “Auster is movement. Auster is Philosophy. A way of live [sic]”. So, yeh. Go nuts.
Around the World
Three roles in Tel Aviv: are looking for a UX Content Writer, Fundbox want a UX Writer and Wix are recruiting for a UX Writer. This last one says it’s a FT role but double-check if you apply.
My name is Gordon Macrae. By day I run UX, Product Management, and Data programs for an education company. By night I’m a freelance UX writer. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Good luck out there!
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