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UX Writer Jobs: Casper, Pinterest & TikTok

UX Writer Jobs: Casper, Pinterest & TikTok
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #43 • View online

A letter to a young writer on the occasion of finding themselves as the only UX writer on a design team.
Being the only UX writer on a team is a lonely business. Unless you work for one of the tech monoliths, it’s likely that you are the only writer on the design team.
Unlike UX designers, most companies only have one UX writer. This means it can be quite an isolated role and a lot of writers (particularly in smaller companies) will work across more projects than a designer. This will change as companies recognise the benefits of having larger content teams but is the reality of the role at the moment.
And that’s to say nothing if your company doesn’t even have one UX writer. What should you do if you find yourself in that position?
Firstly, taking on small content projects is the right move. You are adding value just by demonstrating initiative to take these on and push your colleagues to think critically about the copy. Make sure you document all this work with screenshots and keep them in a folder somewhere. Track the ROI or any other metrics you look at internally to assess the impact of these copy changes. These will form the basis of your portfolio and tells the narrative of how you had an impact on the copy. Take a look at this article on how to create a UX writing portfolio.
If you are based in a country where knowledge of UX writing is limited then it definitely makes it harder to define the role and demonstrate its impact. I know people who have taken jobs as marketing copy writers or copywriters, and then built relationships with the design team to better incorporate copy. I also know people who have taken your route and are working as UX Designers but have slowly worked to position themselves as experts in writing over the projects they work on.
I’m certainly biased because I contributed to the course but there isn’t a better intro to UX writing course than the UX Writers Collective “Fundamentals of UX Writing” program [use code JOBNEWS20 for 20% off], it covers the end-to-end process and the tools you need to be a UX writer. The Euro UX Writers also offer practical tips and advice for how to improve as a UX writer.
A lot of the literature on UX writer is still, unfortunately, focused on what it is and how to break into the field. But there are good writers documenting more advanced topics. For starters, follow Rachel McConnell and Yael Ben-David on Medium. Keep tabs on the #uxwriting tag on Twitter and follow people who you find interesting.
The role of the UX writer varies hugely across companies. Depending on how embedded you are in the process it can range from being handed screens at the end of the design process, to being involved in the initial research.
There are plenty of examples of writers’ processes out there if you google “UX writer process”. As with all things, you’ll need to work out what works best for the organisation and team you’re part of. It’s certainly an iterative process.
Good luck out there.
Maybe the robots are coming faster than I gave them credit. JP Morgan have created an AI copywriter that can write better ads than humans. Better start learning how to code afterall.
I love a good trip down the early-internet highway. Here’s an online excavation from archived Geocities pages, “a tribute to the lost days of unrefined self-expression on the Internet.”
RIP filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker. His 1967 documentary about Bob Dylan, Don’t Look Back, is one of the great music films (check out some scenes here.).
This week was not a good week. RIP to David Berman, master lyricist. Here’s American Water in its entirety.
North America Jobs
Pinterest are looking for a UX Writer (Growth) in San Francisco. You’ll be a puzzle-loving writer with 5+ years of experience. Judging by the job description, if you don’t like puns then don’t apply.
UserTesting are hiring a UX Writer in San Francisco. You’ll need 3-5 years of experience and familiarity with the Chicago manual. Don’t go chatting AP.
Google want a UX Writer in San Francisco.
Amazon are looking for a Senior UX Writer in Seattle. The job description looks a little funky on LinkedIn but you’ll need at least 5 years of experience.
TikTok are hiring for a UX Writer in LA. It probably helps if you’re a 13-year-old micro-influencer who runs their own organic farm, but if you have 2+ years of relevant experience you should also apply.
Casper want a UX Writer to laze around on extremely comfortable mattresses, tossing out words that will be plastered across the L train in time for the holidays. The role is in NYC and you’ll have 5+ years of experience for this one.
Google also want a UX Writer in NYC.
Disney are after a Snr UX Writer in New York. You’ll be working on the new Disney streaming service which I say I won’t subscribe to but I inevitably will given they have Star Wars.
Quicken Loans are hiring for a UX Writer in Detroit. I don’t know much more than what’s in that tweet but reach out on the DM if you’re interested.
Shopify is on the hunt for a Product Content Strategist in either Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or Waterloo (Canada). You choose. You’ll work alongside designers, researchers and front-end developers to build the future of commerce and empower merchants around the world.
TurboTax are after a Content Designer in Mississauga, Ontario. You’ll need a little experience with HTML and a working knowledge of French.
Europe Jobs
Kindred are looking for a UX Writer in London. It’s noticeable how much lower salaries are in the UK compared to the US from this ad. Ah well, at least our government isn’t falling apart. Wait, what?
Soldo want a UX Writer in London. You’ll need 3+ years of experience for this one and it’s a benefit if you speak Italian. Bueno.
Brandwatch are after a UX Writer, Brighton. Bonus: you speak German, French or Italian.
Coya are looking for a UX Writer in Berlin. You’ll definitely need to speak German for this one given that’s what the job ad is written in. I do not speak German. So check this one out yourself.
Esker are hiring for a UX Writer in Lyon. All I know about Lyon is that their football team consistently produces the best young players in France. Which is how I know about most things in life.
My name is Gordon Macrae. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
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Good luck out there!
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