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UX Writer Jobs: Apple, Farfetch & Lyft

Hello, welcome back. I took a short break last week as I was on holiday (St Lucia, since you ask) and
UX Writer Jobs: Apple, Farfetch & Lyft
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #26 • View online
Hello, welcome back. I took a short break last week as I was on holiday (St Lucia, since you ask) and I took the opportunity to leave my laptop at home. It was a wonderful feeling.
Lately, the idea of a “digital detox”, of “disconnecting” for a week or so, has become a bit of a millenial-cliche.
While I don’t believe our current smartphone habits are necessary healthy, I don’t buy into the belief that all screen-time is inherently harmful.
It’s just nice to have a break. That’s all.
This story really stuck with me this week. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it. It’s a short, sharp narrative. And like all good writing, it sticks with you long after you’ve read it:
Scott Moorman grows up in the San Fernando Valley. He watches the TV series Adventures in Paradise as a child and dreams of living in Hawaii. In 1975, he leaves the mainland and finds a new home in Nahiku, on the east coast of Maui, which lives by Hawaiian time: when the weather is fine, no work is done.
So it is on Sunday morning, 11 February 1979, the ocean is as smooth as glass and there is barely a cloud in the sky. Scott and four friends decide to go fishing. They buy new spark plugs for the motorboat, beer and soft drinks for the fridge and ice for the fish that they hope to catch.
At about ten o-clock they pass the rocky island at the mouth of the bay, and steer the five-metre-long Sarah Joe southwards. They have long hair and bushy moustaches, and are wearing sunglasses. One of them is rolling the first joint of the day.
Just before noon, the wind rises, turning into a storm by the afternoon and a hurricane over the island by the evening, whipping the sea up and laying waste to the coastline. The waves are several metres high and the rain is relentless.
At five o'clock in the afternoon, the Sarah Joe is reported missing. The coastguard sends a helicopter and a plane out to the storm, but visibility is too poor. They extend the search area every day. The coastguard searches for five days, and the men’s family and friends continue searching for another week.
They find nothing. Nothing at all. Not a trace of the men, not one piece of the boat. Nine and a half years later, one of the searchers, the marine biologist John Naughton, finds a wrecked boat on the beach of Taongi, the northern-most and driest atoll of the Marshall Islands, 3,750 kilometres west of Hawaii.
A Hawaiian registration number is prominently displayed on the fibreglass hull. It is the Sarah Joe. There is a simple grave nearby: a cross of driftwood on a pile of stones.
A few bones protrude from the sand. These are discovered to be the remains of Scott Moorman. Who buried him here and where the other men are remains a mystery.
From: Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky.
There are currently 1047 of you on this list. 104.7 was the radio frequency for the most popular radio station on the island I grew up on. It wasn’t a great radio station.
On with the show.

Babylon Health are looking for a Content Writer (UX) to join their team in London. You’ll have three years of experience writing for user-centred products for this one.
Skyscanner want a Senior UX Writer in London. You’ll be writing for an audience of 80 million. Scared? Yeh, I would be too.
Cleo are recruiting for a UX Writer in London. Good time to join a startup in growth mode as they just raised a Series A. This is as good a time as any to remind you how good this song is.
Farfetch are hiring for a UX Copywriter in London. You’ll have experience working for a luxury or e-commerce brand for this one.
mytaxi are after a Senior UX Copywriter in Hamburg. You will have 3+ years of copywriting experience and be someone who will “push boundaries” (which means nothing but sounds nice and start-uppy).
North America
Squarespace are hiring for a UX Writer in New York. You’ll have 2+ years of experience, as well as experience using Sketch, Figma or a similar tool.
Uber Eats are after a UX Writer / Content Strategist in New York City. You’ll love restaurants, good food and have 2+ years of relevant experience (in UX Writing, not eating).
Lyft are looking for a Content Stategist / UX Writer (see what they did there?) in San Francisco. You’ll have 4-6 years of experience for this one, as well as “humor, jazz hands and knowledge of AP Style” (if you can do all those in one go then ditch writing and go be a YouTube celeb).
Apple want a UX Writer to throw good words around their Cupertino office. 5 years experience required for this one.
Amazon are after a Senior UX Writer to work on their Alexa Smart Home product in Seattle. You’ll have an HCI degree (or similar), 5 years of experience and knowledge of HTML and XML.

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