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UX Writer Jobs - Apple, Casper & Uber

I've been putting this newsletter together for almost six months now, so I've seen my fair share of n
UX Writer Jobs - Apple, Casper & Uber
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #10 • View online
I’ve been putting this newsletter together for almost six months now, so I’ve seen my fair share of nonsense job posts.
UX Writing as a discipline is still in a nascent stage. So if you’re hiring for a UX Writer a good baseline is to hire for a writer first and everything else second.
Don’t stuff your job ad with programming and advanced UX requirements. You probably don’t need a UX Writer who knows javascript. You’re hiring a writer not an imaginary character in Silicon Valley.
Twitter crashed every day for the first two years of its life but people didn’t care. They didn’t use the site for the code. They used it to write.
Hire for a writer first and everything else second. You can train a writer in the other stuff. There are courses for that. Hire someone because they can condense complex ideas into a very small space and still make things crystal clear.
Don’t hire someone because they can sell. Yes, you’ll have good applicants that are copywriters or marketing writers. But you’re not selling a product, you’re guiding people how to use it. Language can get someone to buy a product but you need different words to get them to use it. Better words. Stronger, cleaner words. If you need to keep selling, hire another copywriter.
Words = code = design. It takes as long to write one good clean line of language as it does to write a good line of code, or a high-fidelity mock-up. The next time you’re in a meeting with a writer don’t turn to them and expect the words to come fully formed. It’s a craft, it takes time. That’s what you’re paying for. If you want a writer who can churn out 100 words per minute you’re in the content game. And that has a different set of rules.
Rant over. On with the show.

North America
TD Bank are looking for a UX Writer in Toronto, Ontario. Bonus points if you have experience in script writing and video production.
Solugenix Corporation are hiring for a UX Writer (Contract). The rate is $70-85 an hour for a “senior UX Writer” which seems low. Also, “Solugenix” sounds like an oral medicine you’d have trouble keeping down.
Ten-X are after a Senior UX Writer in San Diego. You’ll have 8-10 years of experience for this one.
TrackOFF are hiring for a Senior UX Copywriter in Baltimore. They sit in the cyber security and privacy space. Presumably behind a mask.
Apple are looking to accumulate another UX Writer in Santa Clara. This one is for their ‘Health’ products.
Uber have a couple of roles up. One for a UX Writer in SF and the other for a Senior UX Writer in their Vehicle Solutions division in Seattle. Longtime readers of this newsletter will know who the hiring manager is for these roles. Which is something you should always know.
Jobspring Partners want a Senior UX Playbook Writer in New York. This is “very urgent” so ideally they want a candidate yesterday. I have no idea what a “UX Playbook Writer” is and, judging by the job description, neither do they.
Casper are hiring for a Senior UX/Digital Copywriter in New York. The job description is so full of knowing references to sleep I might be sick. Ah the future; we wanted flying cars, we got mattresses in boxes.
If you’re a writer who likes the outdoors then REI are still hiring for a Senior UX Writer in Kent, WA. If I wasn’t on the other side of the world I’d be all over this job.
Alexander Mann Solutions are a recruitment firm but don’t let that put you off. They have a 3-month UX Writer contract position in Bristol. You’ll be working for a financial services company.
Coople are a recruitment company who are at “the forefront of the gig economy” (they’re words, not ours). They’re hiring for a UX Writer / Content Strategist in London. This looks more like a straight UX Writer role. I’d be careful of anyone who touts the benefits of the ‘gig economy’ in their job ad. But that’s just me.
AXA are looking for a UX Copywriter in Cobham. “One of your first objectives will be to support one of our most exciting projects in the UK to date”. You can expect to work on other excitingly vague projects such as this one.
Barclays want a UX Copywriter in Northampton. This one’s been up for a while so room to negotiate.
Well Digital are hiring for a Senior Content Designer (UX Writer) in Manchester. It’s a 2-year fixed term contract working for Well Pharmacy.
DWP Digital are looking for a Senior Content Designer in Leeds. From what I hear, GDS is still a great place to work for all things UX Writing / Content Design related.
Net-A-Porter are recruiting for a Lead Content Strategist / UX Writer in London. The job description is long but short on specifics so don’t be put off by the title.
Toptal are looking for a Content Strategist. They position themselves as the top 3% of freelancers (hence the name). First job description where I’ve seen a clear overview of the reporting structure, including bios of who you’ll report to. Which is a nice touch.
My name is Gordon Macrae. By day I run UX, Product Management, and Data programs for an education company. By night I’m a freelance UX writer. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Good luck out there!
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