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UX Writer Jobs: Amazon, Udemy &

UX Writer Jobs: Amazon, Udemy &
By Gordon Macrae • Issue #37 • View online

An interactive map of the world's lighthouses and their signal patters (
An interactive map of the world's lighthouses and their signal patters (
I first met Angus in the winter of 1989. It was a few short months before the Berlin Wall came down and not long after I had gotten over an illness that is too trivial to go into as part of this newsletter.
Later that year, the pro-democracy rallies in Tiananmen Square would come to dominate the headlines but I wasn’t aware of that at the time, I was only two years old.
My brother has always been a malleable figure for me. It was a novelty to suddenly have someone else join our family of three and I quickly set about trying to mould him in my image. 
I failed, as most older brothers do. Angus was not interested in cricket, toy planes or endless games of football in the garden. He was far more esoteric.
I come from a musical family, my mum taught piano and ran the music program at our local concert hall (if you’re looking for any more signals of being middle-class then I’ll let you know that I took a briefcase to school at the age of 11) and my brother (and two years later) my sister, both took up the piano and violin with ease.
I’ve long admired my brother for a number of reasons. He channeled his energy into a single activity (the piano) rather than spread himself thinly across a number of different pursuits, as I have done my whole life.
Writing, startups, tech, painting, football (again, it never goes away), cycling, finance. The list goes on. We might aspire to live in a world where generalists are rewarded but who are we kidding? The world belongs to the specialists.
When we were younger, I used to force Angus to play football against me every Sunday afternoon. The game was simple: one vs one. Me vs him. I always won, of course. He didn’t care, he just wanted the hours to be over. 
I like to think that those endless hours in the garden, endlessly chasing a ball around, formed him into the man he is today. I often wonder what his music would have been like had I allowed him to do something he actually enjoyed. It might be a little cheerier. But it probably wouldn’t be as good.
Regardless, this year Angus won an Olivier award for a theatre production he wrote the music for. And me? Well I won four championship trophies playing in the New York Co-Ed Soccer Second Division. So who is the real winner?
Angus is half-way through a year-long project of producing one new single every month. If you are looking for music to work or write to, then I can’t recommend it highly enough. Check him out on Spotify.
Yuval K has a cracking little interview with Sarah Richards over on his blog, check it. A couple of events to plug, one in Melbourne (“Be A Better UX Writer” with Patrick Stafford) and in Brighton (“Where Content and Design Come Together” with Rachel McConnell).
I’m going to that last one, see you there?
I’m also going to plug this book by Rob Fitzpatrick and Devin Hunt again because if you do any sortof workshop design or teaching you really should read it.
Looking for a remote UX Writing role? It’s slim pickings at the moment but I think we’ll start to see that change.
Remote UX Designer contract jobs have grown in the last few years. Similar rules apply for UX Writing, it might just take a while for hiring managers to catch up. Here’s how to position yourself as a remote contractor for hire.
And to followup on our portfolio piece from last week, Neville Medhora has a counterpoint to a finely-crafted portfolio: stick everything in a Google Doc.
BookingGo are looking for a Senior UX Writer in Manchester. You’ll be working across the and products.
Sophos are after a UX Content Writer in Abingdon. This looks like a re-written ‘Technical Writer’ job role as you’ll need experience with XML and network / firewall technology. Also, it says ‘Technical Writer’ in the body of the job description.
There’s a contract UX Copywriter role up with Dice in London. Fast-growing startup so if that’s your bag then here’s your role. You’ll need 5+ years of experience for this one, and a passion for live music is a plus.
think moto want a Conversational Designer / UX Writer in Berlin. You’ll be working on their chatbot and have 2 years of experience either as an author or in UX. You’ll speak German and English fluently (one language as a native speaker, the other at least C1).
Criteo are looking for a Senior UX Writer in Paris. They’re looking for a seasoned writer with at least 5 years of professional writing experience and at least 2 years of in-product writing experience (UI, notifications, error messages, tooltips, etc.).
Snaps want a Conversational Designer in New York. Not a straight-forward UX Writer role this as they want someone who has basic experience with JavaScript and SQL, or a strong willingness to learn. For the two people in the world this applies to, this is the job for you.
There’s an open role for a Senior Content Strategist on one of the Amazon Alexa team that’s pretty unique. It’s mainly focused on owning the whole privacy story/messaging related to Alexa. It’s part content strategist, part voice designer, part UX writer. Perfect for anyone who really likes to go deep on dense subject matter and make it understandable and interesting to folks.
Opendoor are hiring for a UX Writer in San Francisco. This one’s more traditional than the ones above, although they are looking for someone with 7+ years of experience in UX Writing or Copywriting.
Udemy are recruiting for a UX Content Strategy Manager in San Francisco. Looks like the first content strategy role at the company, and you’ll quickly build a team of 1-2 other UX Writers. You’ll need 5+ years of experience with one of those as a manager.
Brooksource want a Content Designer in Denver. You’ll have 2+ years as a UX Writer and you “MUST KNOW difference between copywriting and content design”. Alright, calm down. Little bit of marketing in this role.
Somnio have an interesting job up for a Freelance Community: B2B Digital Writer (UX, Copy, or Content Strategy), which seems to be one that’s covering all the bases. It’s in Austin, Texas but I have literally no idea what they’re looking for, even after reading the job three time.
In the Philippines? Rock Gonzales is looking for a freelance Copywriter / UX Writer, DM him if you’re interested.
The (actual) Praise Corner
“I love that your emails aren’t just for job-hunters. I’m not looking to move any time soon, but subscribing to these updates keeps me up-to-date on on where our niche industry is headed.”
“It’s incredibly well written and one of the only ones that I actually read all the way through!”
Got a piece of “faint praise” or “actual praise” for the newsletter? Email it as a reply!
My name is Gordon Macrae. Got a job tip or opinions about UX writing roles? I’d love to hear from you, reply directly to this email.
Good luck out there!
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