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🏢 Y Combinator for Mittelstands

Neil Thanedar
Neil Thanedar
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My latest post, Y Combinator for Mittelstands, is summarized below.
I want to create the Y Combinator for Mittelstands:
Idea: Raise two funds to help founders launch and scale middle class startups:
  1. Accelerator: Invest the first $100K+ to help new pre-Mittelstands launch and grow.
  2. Ventures: Invest $1M+ to help pre-Mittelstands go from $1M to $10M+ revenue.
Thesis: It’s possible to get VC-style 10x+ returns with a much lower risk profile.
  • Opportunity: Help founders keep control of their Mittelstands for longer.
  • Strategy: Be the first (and often only) investor in pre-Mittelstand businesses.

Here's the whole post:
Y Combinator for Mittelstands - Neil Thanedar
This is a follow-up to my most popular post, We Need A Middle Class For Startups:
We Need A Middle Class For Startups - Neil Thanedar
Mittelstands can solve The World’s Biggest Problems.
Mittelstands are great for founders, investors, employees, and the economy.
  • The higher likelihood of successful exits better aligns incentives between Mittelstand founders and investors.
  • The lower failure rate of these businesses provide stability for employees and the economy.
The World's Biggest Problems - Neil Thanedar
Welcome to My New Subscribers!
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  1. Creating a startup studio, Utopic, to rapidly launch and acquire businesses with Mittelstand potential.
  2. Exploring ways to fund more pre-Mittelstand businesses with my Y Combinator for Mittelstands.
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Neil Thanedar
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