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🧑‍🏭Y Combinator for Manufacturing

Neil Thanedar
Neil Thanedar
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🧑‍🏭 Let's Accelerate American Manufacturing!
We need to create an American accelerator for the rapid R&D and manufacturing of critical products and materials.
My vision is to retrofit an old Michigan manufacturing plant to become a new startup manufacturing hub.
I even found us a $6.85M 7-story building in Downtown Detroit that would be perfect for a public factory. See my post below for my YC for Manufacturing pitch, including a link to my dream Detroit location.
YC for Manufacturing - Neil Thanedar
🚀 The World's Biggest Problems is evolving!
Neil Thanedar
In 2020, I first tweeted my World's Biggest Problems idea.

In 2021, it became a 100-point ranked list.
In 2022, it's a blog and newsletter.
In 2023, it will be a book.
🔑 Do it 100 times.
I love this idea from @visakanv about doing something new:
visa is doing final edits (99.9%) ✍🏾📖
1. Do it 100 times.

Write 100 songs, cook 100 omelettes, talk to 100 people. It never seems like a huge deal until you try it yourself. It’s manageable, and yet it stretches you, and you’ll be observably different at the end of it. Effective way to get a foothold on a new thing
There’s something magical about doing 100 of something.
Creating a 100-point ranked list of the World’s Biggest Problems got me into a zone where I could zoom in and out of the whole idea-space clearly.
I’ve now written outlines for 10 of the 100 World’s Biggest Problems!
I can see the book from here.
The last step is to make it a movement.
🙏 I need your help!
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Utopic News - Neil Thanedar
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Neil Thanedar
Neil Thanedar @neilthanedar

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